It’s all falling apart now for the democrats. The entire j6 scenario that they tried to sell the American people is going down in flames.

The video seems at odds with the portrayal of Chansley’s conduct at the plea hearing and in the government’s case. And the video, of course, was not complete as to everything he did that day, but it did seem inconsistent. Surely the feds had turned it over to Chansley’s defense prior to him making the decision to plead guilty—the weight of the government evidence is one of the things any defendant would consider. And certainly the defense counsel knew about the video to argue for a lighter sentence, and the Judge knew as well, right? Well tonight Chansley’s attorney was on Tucker, and he denied that the video was ever turned over to the defense:Well, go and read the whole thing. Put be aware that you have been lied to about every aspect of this case. They withheld evidence that didn’t match their narrative.