Susie’s got this one exactly right over at Red State:

The freedoms guaranteed by our Bill of Rights aren’t just foundational — they are fundamental to our survival as a nation. We know that. So why are so many on the left — including the legacy media — seemingly so hellbent on chipping away at them? The obvious answer is that there is something they value over and above these essential liberties — they may cloak it in terms of “safety,” but the inescapable conclusion is that it comes back to power. And speech that counters — or even just questions — their narrative poses a threat to that. So it must be squelched.

And they’re not even subtle about it anymore. Big Government has formed an unholy alliance with Big Tech and they’re trying six ways from Sunday to silence any dissent.

RedState and other right-leaning media have been pushing back and will continue to do so. But these latest developments demonstrate that this isn’t just about resistance from the right against the party in power. Even some on the center-left are waking up to these dangers. If ever there were a time to make a stand, this is it.

That’s a position that this blog has always taken and will never retreat from.