If something needs to be normalized, it’s not normal.

Have you ever noticed that the majority of the people that are screaming about how the world is overpopulated, live in the big city? Kind of makes you wonder if they’re seeing the big picture, doesn’t it?

It all makes much more sense when you realize that you are the carbon they’re trying to reduce.

When government runs healthcare, every healthcare decision is political.

Enforced equality of outcome requires a total lack of freedom.

Every great country, every great culture in world history has had a religion at its philosophical center.

America as such could never have been founded with Islam as its philosophical center, nor Buddhism, nor any of the pantheistic religions, nor atheism.

America most certainly would not exist as such without Martin Luther and his concept of the sovereignty of the individual.

The more we move away from those foundations, the more we get into problems.

Isn’t it interesting how we have such a hard time eliminating child porn from the internet? And yet we don’t seem to have all that much of a problem deplatforming, blocking and in fact prosecuting anyone who dares to question the actions of government regarding covid-19, Southern border security, inflation, the Biden crime family, and so on?

Your feelings are largely irrelevant.

You cannot be whatever you want to be.

Gender studies are complete waste of time money and effort.

You cannot change your sex. (Again, your feelings are largely irrelevant.)

The idea that you have a right to something simply because you exist is complete hogwash.

You have the absolute right to live as you please within those boundaries, assuming that it infringes on nobody else’s rights. You do not have the right to demand everyone else accept your choice.

If you live in the United States you’re already in the 1%.

Government cannot create anything. The only thing it can do is impede creativity.

Government cannot give you anything without stealing it from someone else, and will invariably keep some of it for itself, in that process.

The long list of notables thought to be the smartest guys in the room includes Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Casto, Maduro, Obama, and following their lead into oblivion seemed like a good idea at the time.

Wow… Reality.

What a concept!!!