Erickson hits this one out of the park:

A media pretty incurious as to the motives and manifesto of the Nashville shooter have rushed past the Atlanta shooter, who did not use
an AR-15 and was black, so that the media can focus on the Hispanic
shooter in Texas who loved Nazis.

We’re back to white supremacy as the angle with an AR-15.

Indeed it’s almost become a cliche anymore.

They never did go back to the motives and story of the 32 people shot at the birthday party in Alabama. We’re going to spend days on the Texas shooter, though. Though Hispanic, welearned there are white and black Hispanics after George Zimmerman. The intersectional dynamics are going to be thoroughly exhausted and

The comparison is the thing:

Meanwhile, back in Atlanta, the shooter’s mother said the shooter struggled with mental health, and the VA system forced the shooter off medicine that worked for him and onto another one that did
not because the one that worked was addictive. People died. We had to rush to the gun control conversation and moved on so quickly that we could not pause and question the VA.

I’ve written many times that is not unusual to see the members of the Democrat party pushing gun control with incidents like this as a backdrop, when that’s not the real issue.

BitsBlog correspondent Jerry Saperstein from Chicago touches on this as well when today he points out an 18-year-old Louisiana youth involved in a carjacking that turned into a murder. Jerry’s laudably succinct comment:


Indeed, why? When we look at the statistics involved the picture starts becoming clearer: (and by the way these statistics are a couple of years old..)

One lady responding to his question suggests that he wasted his life at a momentary decision. However, I don’t think it was a momentary decision at all.

This is a lifelong trajectory come to its end, the product of 18 years of being told he was entitled because of his skin color. If it was strictly a momentary decision, a cultural one-off if you will, we wouldn’t be seeing nearly the figures depicted in the graphic.

That’s for openers. Personally, I will be watching this story to see if anything ever comes out about what kind of medications he was on in treatment for whatever his mental illness was… Which is a point, along with the breakdown by race, that the press has been rather incurious about. After all to even raise those questions puts the narrative in jeopardy.

But a quick look at the statistics suggests that an inordinate percentage of mass murderers these days are being committed by people whom just a couple of years ago we considered to be mentally challenged.


I’ve had a couple of the woke trans mob send me notes claiming that I’m all over the board with this one. And it occurs to me that people outside that classification may have difficulty determining the common point. Is people who are mentally challenged. Regardless of what the outcome for outer manifestations if you will of that challenge might be. Supposed transsexuals, those with some kind of left-leaning manifesto posted on social media someplace, whatever those manifestations are. That’s the common point among these Mass shooters that were suddenly dealing with.

We aren’t addressing those issues, and half the time we’re not even identifying them as such anymore because it runs afoul of the constant chant from the left of eliminating guns from the hands of law abiding citizens.

I got another note, that simply sent me to a site which made the claim that there wasn’t a meteoric rise in the number of transsexual Mass shooters. Well that’s simply not the case if for no other reason then there wasn’t a group that even labeled itself as such until a couple of years ago. In short there is never been any quantitative data to either back or disprove the point. Or, as my science teacher used to say, it can’t be falsified.

The point being, the big government types among Us are doing precisely what they’ve been wanting to do all along that is the removal of firearms from individuals thus removing limitations on government action however corrupt. You will not ever see the issues of health for example being brought up from their end of the conversation because if you solve the problem that way they don’t get the removal of guns as of civilians that they’ve always wanted.

The discussions about these mass shootings is being distorted by an agenda, an agenda which is not nearly what it is claimed to be.