The left likes to use the word “unsustainable” what it’s trying to talk us out of privately owned transportation. Funny how that word never seems to get mentioned when we’re talking about spending habits of Democrats every time they have the power of government.

Let’s set up a quick overview of the situation. The numbers are more than a little rough but they will give you an idea of what we’re facing:

At the moment, you and I are giving up on the order of 65% of our income to cover taxes and fees and unfunded mandates, if we are counting all levels of government. Businesses are paying even higher tax, particularly small businesses (which the left considers wealthy individuals by the way).

Thing is, businesses don’t pay tax, you and I do, when we do business with them. That heavy tax load is simply passed on to us as a cost of doing business. So in fact the taxation goes well over 65%. Taxation of businesses is simply a way to hide the tax the government imposes on you and I.

Now with that as a backdrop let’s consider the national debt, which at the moment is going up on the order more or less of 2 trillion dollars a year. In other words, we are actually taking into the tax coffers 2 trillion dollars less than the drunken sailors known as Democrats are spending year over year. This is the very definition of unsustainable and yet they’ll never mention it.

Now this is a bit rhetorical, but when is the last time you actually heard of Democrats actually cut expending?

Nine times out of 10 they’re going to give you an argument if you even try to cut the rate of increased spending year over year…. And you can forget about actual spending cuts.

And by the way the military spending? We are rapidly approaching the day, if we haven’t arrived there already, where just the service on the debt… Not actually paying it down, but just paying the interest on it is about on par with what we’re spending on the military.

I don’t know about you, but in my book that constitutes an unsustainable economic situation. Something has to give… And trust me on this, one way or the other it will.

Does anybody think that the economy is going to withstand the additional two trillion dollars of taxation that would be required to balance the budget?

Me, neither.

And history bears this out.

Back in the ’80s, Ronald Reagan made a deal with the Democrats then infesting Congress. the idea was we lower the tax rates to get the economy going and in turn Congress would agree to rain in on spending. The lowering tax rates got the economy going to the point where the text income at the Federal coffers better than doubled. Thing is, the Democrats in Congress who are always about buying votes, saw that extra money coming into the Federal coffers and spent approximately 165% of it. In short we’re still waiting for the cuts they promised

Does anybody believe that the Democrats are going to even consider 2 trillion dollars worth of spending cuts, not cuts on the rate of inflation not cuts on the rate of increase but actual cuts?

Me, neither.

We are headed for a economic crisis of nuclear bomb proportions. And the sad part is the Democrats will be pointing the fingers at everybody else for the economic crisis they themselves have caused. And it’s not like we haven’t been warning about this for decades now.

This is what Donald Trump was talking about the other day when he suggested in that CNN interview, that default on the debt is going to happen anyway. He understands as Maggie Thatcher did that eventually, you run out of other people’s money.

There will come a time… and it’s not too far down the road… where we simply won’t be able to keep printing money anymore to remain solvent. There’s a number of economists already who are suggesting that default on our debts is unavoidable, now.

And it’s not like warnings weren’t issued.