The same people demanding Diane Feinstein resign because of her health issues are the same ones who went to the mat in support of Fetterman, and who are already campaigning in support of meat puppet Joe Biden.

Mind you, this is not a defense, I’m not suggesting by any means that Feinstein shouldn’t be replaced, …along with of course Fetterman, Pelosi and of course Biden.

The point here being, Democrats will make arguments that sound good at the time…(well, at least it sounded good to them at the time)… but will come back and bite them in the butt not too far into the future. This is one such case. Of course Democrats will tell you they don’t see it that way, but even when pressed on the matter, they cannot explain why they continue to support people who so clearly lack the ability to function.

The answer to the question of why they do that is rather simple. The unspoken consensus is that should the obvious be acknowledged, it will damage the ability of Democrats as a whole to maintain what they crave most:


Ironically, this is an admission on the part of the Democrats as a whole that these mental deficients are the best they have to offer the American people. Never mind that’s such people totally lack the ability to analyze the insane policies that they espouse… One needs only to look at the quality of life, the level of crime, the level of taxation, businesses escaping, and the number of people moving out of the districts they represent to understand the effect of such policies.

Their biggest usefulness is that they unquestioningly support such insanity.

This is the party of young ideas… Represented by a band of oxygenarians, who truly have no idea why Feinstein’s district is the hell hole that it has become, for example.

The truly insane part, is that people continue to pull the lever for them, simply because they have a D after their name, without any further analysis whatever.