Me at Facebook just now regarding the chant of “trust the experts”

Are these the same experts that bundled so badly in their initial handling of the covid-19 virus while they were illegally doing gain of function research? The law against gain of function research was established because mere mortals recognized that the experts can screw up too. And so they did :

These are the same experts of course that came up with so much inaccurate and contradictory conclusions which of course were forced into policy because they happen to be attached to the government.

Then we have global warming.
Global cooling.
We’ll call it climate change that way we’re covered both ways and no matter which way it goes we can blame human activity and therefore control it.

Those are merely two examples of the miles long list of inaccuracies, and outright fabrications promulgated by the so-called experts.

All too often on the advice of experts we have caused death and destruction on a scale that would be impossible without the expert label and certainly would be impossible without the force of government behind that advice turned into law.

These days the experts are telling us that there are 247.3 sexes, that men can have babies, that the preborn are not human, (and therefore can be killed indiscriminately). And that eating bugs will improve the climate.

And finally, I note with interest that the experts are now telling us that for the continued survival of the planet we need to remove most humans from it. Of course, this too is nothing new, The Population Bomb was released, when, 1968, wasn’t it?

All of which leaves us with the question:
“Experts at what, precisely?”