I’ll say right up front to Joe Rogan has this one right. But I will take it a step further. (Yeah big shock, right?)

Go ahead and read this one first.

There is but one reason why the Democrats are refusing to hold primary debates. They know, as does everyone else on the planet, that their meat puppet would never survive such an event.

Leaving aside the idea that he embarrasses himself and everyone else around him every time he’s out public, we now have criminal investigations going which are bound to come up.

And let’s add to that that even the Democrat rank and file has essentially given up on getting Biden elected again. It’s down to the point now where even the dead people that voted for Biden want their votes back.

Which raises the question why the Democrat party (and frankly world elites) are so dedicated to the idea of keeping Joe Biden in office, when he clearly is unqualified for the position, and probably won’t survive to the end of this term.

The answer to that is rather simple as well. The brain dead are easier to control.

That not only makes Joe Biden perfect for what they have in mind, but they score a double whammy, given who’s vice president and who will therefore replace him before the end of his term.