As we enter this next election season it is time for us to remember who it is we are dealing with.

Vince Foster didn’t shoot himself twice in the back of the head with a gun that wouldn’t fire.

Ancient political history?

Possibly. But we are about to be exposed to a level of criminality and power lust unlike anything that we have allowed ourselves to admit to previously this, thanks to the investigation of the crime family. Our natural instinct is to believe the best in everybody and so the natural tendency is going to be to pass off the reports of criminality that we are about to be exposed to as exaggeration more outright falsehood.

Thing is, that’s very difficult indeed with the history of the clintons as a political backdrop. I will suggest to you that with that as the standard there is nothing we should put past the Democrats of today, especially when we view the history of the thing from then until now.

The evidence is mounting, and the noose is closing. Brace yourself.