Matt Margolis writes about a very predictable turn of events

Last week, it was reported that Fox News had compiled a secret “oppo file” on Tucker Carlson, to be used as an insurance policy against him in the event he sues the network. As per a Rolling Stone article, eight Fox News insiders acknowledged the file’s existence. The network denied the existence of the secret file, of course, but this week, the left-wing media “watchdog” site Media Matters started leaking videos of Carlson in an apparent attempt to smear him.

Upon the release of the above video, there was a collective yawn on social media as people wondered if this was really the best that Media Matters got. Was it supposed to be scandalous or make Tucker Carlson unemployable? Gertz quickly found out that the public didn’t see it as a big deal; social media users pointed out that the ex-Fox host was correct and mocked Gertz for thinking that Tucker criticizing a poorly-functioning website was somehow a scandal.

You can probably pretty easily predict where this is going but go ahead and read Matt’s article anyway. It’s definitely worth a smile.

Almost always every time Media Matters comes out with one of these things all they do is expose their own cluelessness… To put it mildly.