Okay, I spent the majority of last night going over the Durham report. Basically, it confirms everything the majority of us have been saying for some time now. Jonathan Turley says it well:

Raw, unanalyzed, and uncorroborated.” Those words from the Durham Report summed up one of the most damning investigations in the Justice Department’s history.

In the 305-page report released Monday, special counsel John Durham concluded that the Trump-Russia investigation was launched without a required minimal level of evidence and shattered a host of departmental standards. Let that sink in: The Justice Department — as well as the media that covered it — effectively shut down a duly elected presidency, based on what turned out to be a politically engineered hoax.

That would make anyone angry. Really angry. Trump-level angry.

The fact is, in this instance, Donald Trump was correct when he said he was the target of a political hitjob funded by the Clinton campaign and maintained by virtually every media outlet. There is a word for that: disinformation…

In the end, it is not a crime to be unethical or incompetent, so no charges will be filed as a result of the report. Durham clearly hopes that the belated transparency provided by his report will produce greater future accountability. That may be the only naive aspect of his findings.

Of course, the FBI promptly issued a statement that it has — once more — reformed itself in light of its failures. But who really believes this is unlikely to occur again?

Thing is, as Turley himself points out, it’s already happened again, in the form of the non-investigation of the Hunter Biden laptop, which we would not even have known about, absent a copy of it in the hands of Rudy Giuliani.

And by the way, speaking of Giuliani:

Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City and attorney for former President Donald Trump, is being sued in a lawsuit seeking $10 million in damages by a former employee accusing him of “sexual assault and harassment, wage theft, and other misconduct.”

And of course all of this is happening in the southern district of New York. Does anyone really believe this would be going on absent his involvement with the Biden laptop? Work that equation for a while.

And of course the mainstream media still can’t admit any of this. Apparently the feel is, if they admit they screwed up on this nobody will believe them on anything. Which is precisely, of course, what they deserve. To say nothing of the idea that if the mainstream media admits they screwed this one up, it’s damaging to the leftist power structure that they have endeavored so many years to support.

Turley suggests it’s not a crime to be incompetent.

I find that statement questionable at best on two levels. On its face, and on the question of, if this is mere incompetence we’re dealing with, here.

People… The truth is this: You don’t get this level of consistency over a period of years without planning, forethought, and competence. These people knew exactly what they were doing. In the graphic below is a list of people who were peddling the Russia collusion story and who should in reality be behind bars … Every single one of them… but at the least should never be believed again by anyone with an ounce of integrity. Never forget that these people were willing to put people in jail, and ruin lives knowing that they had absolutely nothing in terms of actual evidence.