Energy is up somewhere on the order of 25%. Housing is up somewhere on the order of 35 to 40%. Food is up 35% food and energy because of their volatility aren’t even in the CPI that they’re basing the reports on to tell you what inflation’s been doing and the CPI is showing somewhere on the neighborhood of 15% inflation sincev Mike took office. Yeah he’s got the inflation slowing down month over month but we’re still much more expensive for a cost of living

And by the way, food and energy are the two biggest costs of the average household. And those aren’t part of the overall picture in the cpi. How very convenient that is.

Imagine the impact of those kind of pricing creases on somebody earning $30,000 a year or maybe $40,000 a year. Imagine the impact on small business. Imagine the impact on employers.

What’s worse, a political party using the DOJ to interfere with elections or a political party abandoning their own Candidate because he isn’t a Swamp Creature?

If Fani Willis seeks political crimes, why hasn’t she indicted election denier Stacey Abrams?

Most idiocy is a collective experience… The way to rise above the normal everyday Group hug level of stupidity, is to attach the power of government to it. Make it a law so everybody does the stupid thing. You can’t outlaw idiocy, for the simple reason that the people writing the laws are idiots, themselves. These tend to follow the word of the supposed experts who have their own purposes. Actual service of the people is not among those purposes.

“I believe atheism is the least plausible of all the theologies. It is clearly so contrary to what is possible. The idea that all this universe always existed, created itself? I mean, talk about the violation of human rationality.”

– Charles Krauthammer