Karl Marx was an old, privileged, White male. Never held a job in his life. Therefore he had no idea what work was much less what working people were about.

We have a government that is showing every sign of being unable to understand that crisis management does not include crisis creation.

It’s amazing how people will tell you that money is an imaginary and then bitterly complain that they’re not getting enough of it.

Remember that the people that want you to accept their “lifestyle” as normal, hate you for yours.

Interesting that the left who has been calling conservatives Nazis for generations now is suddenly using Nazi tactics and exposing Jew hatred.

Woild it surprise you to learn that the people funding the anti-israel protests on college campuses here in the US have contributed rather heavily to Joe Biden’s reelection campaign? It didn’t me.

Would it surprise you to learn that the CIA was actively working against Trump in the 2020 election? It shouldn’t have.

Oh, and let’s not forget the FBI is involvement with that…