Apparently, nobody remembers Democrats claiming that John Kerry didn’t get the white house because of election irregularities. To the point where Patty Murray actually opened her maw and started spouting exactly that claim recently.  Hogan Gidley over at Real Clear

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Eric Florack on September 13th, 2022
Recently I compared the January 6th nonsense to the reichstag fire. Now the night of the Long knives is repeating itself, as our supposed department of Justice, swoops down on Donald Trump’s lawyers, and for that matter anybody else that

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Eric Florack on September 11th, 2022
9/11/01 08:37am—

I’d come into work just like any other morning.

Where I was working at the time is closed, now, and so is the department that I was working for. But I can see the layout of the place

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Eric Florack on September 10th, 2022
I’ll be right up front with you and say that I’ve never liked Bill Maher. That said, his advancing years have apparently started catching up with his logic and he’s actually making sense these days in a lot of cases,

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Eric Florack on September 10th, 2022
Like many Americans, I have been saddened by the passing of Queen Elizabeth. That passing is certainly a larger event then most, at least in our lifetime.

While the amount of chatter going on over her life and times, and

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Eric Florack on September 8th, 2022
I’ve been saying since day one that the raid on the home of Donald Trump was not about what they had on him, but what he had on them.

Nice to be vindicated on the matter.


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Noticed an interesting link on MSN this morning. I was encouraged by it but now I’ve begun to wonder.

It seems that their new prime minister has decided to ditch the fracking ban in the face of the energy crisis

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Eric Florack on September 8th, 2022

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Eric Florack on September 8th, 2022
There is a plan surrounding this headlong rush to reverse America’s industrial revolution. And it’s already in play…

The plan is really simple. Implode America from within by their own hands. Force Americans away from plentiful oil, natural gas and

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Eric Florack on September 8th, 2022

In The Federalist this morning:

Democratic lawmakers in California passed a colossal taxpayer giveaway to allied interest groups this summer just months before the November midterms. In June, the Democratic supermajority in Sacramento approved the “Workers Tax Fairness Credit,” a

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Eric Florack on September 7th, 2022
No, I’m not kidding here. Rick Moran over at PJ media:

According to an online survey from WPA Intelligence, nearly one in four Democratic voters believe that men can get pregnant. The percentage rose when only including women and

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Eric Florack on September 6th, 2022

Here’s vid captures of two separate rallies in the Scranton Wilkes-Barre area, last week.

Keep in mind, this is an area that’s claimed to be Joe Biden’s hometown. They even have a section of highway named after him.

The one

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An online medical journal called Cureus, has posted a peer-reviewed study indicating that ivermectin is quite worthwhile in the fight against the man-made virus covid-19.

The systematically collected data within this program demonstrated that ivermectin used as prophylaxis for

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Says Zero Hedge:

President Joe Biden is going to be expected at the forthcoming Detroit Auto Show that will be taking place in two weeks. It’ll mark the first time he has visited Detroit since his days as Vice

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Eric Florack on September 5th, 2022
I have often stated that our concept of Rights is a cultural one. I think this can be best explained with a parallel.

The laws of science, are not laws in a very real sense. They cannot dictate what happens

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