Eric Florack on May 9th, 2023

Erickson hits this one out of the park:

A media pretty incurious as to the motives and manifesto of the Nashville shooter have rushed past the Atlanta shooter, who did not use
an AR-15 and was black, so that the media can focus on the Hispanic
shooter in Texas who loved Nazis.

We’re back to white supremacy as the angle with an AR-15.

Indeed it’s almost become a cliche anymore.

They never did go back to the motives and story of the 32 people shot at the birthday party in Alabama. We’re going to spend days on the Texas shooter, though. Though Hispanic, welearned there are white and black Hispanics after George Zimmerman. The intersectional dynamics are going to be thoroughly exhausted and

The comparison is the thing:

Meanwhile, back in Atlanta, the shooter’s mother said the shooter struggled with mental health, and the VA system forced the shooter off medicine that worked for him and onto another one that did
not because the one that worked was addictive. People died. We had to rush to the gun control conversation and moved on so quickly that we could not pause and question the VA.

I’ve written many times that is not unusual to see the members of the Democrat party pushing gun control with incidents like this as a backdrop, when that’s not the real issue.

BitsBlog correspondent Jerry Saperstein from Chicago touches on this as well when today he points out an 18-year-old Louisiana youth involved in a carjacking that turned into a murder. Jerry’s laudably succinct comment:


Indeed, why? When we look at the statistics involved the picture starts becoming clearer: (and by the way these statistics are a couple of years old..)

One lady responding to his question suggests that he wasted his life at a momentary decision. However, I don’t think it was a momentary decision at all.

This is a lifelong trajectory come to its end, the product of 18 years of being told he was entitled because of his skin color. If it was strictly a momentary decision, a cultural one-off if you will, we wouldn’t be seeing nearly the figures depicted in the graphic.

That’s for openers. Personally, I will be watching this story to see if anything ever comes out about what kind of medications he was on in treatment for whatever his mental illness was… Which is a point, along with the breakdown by race, that the press has been rather incurious about. After all to even raise those questions puts the narrative in jeopardy.

But a quick look at the statistics suggests that an inordinate percentage of mass murderers these days are being committed by people whom just a couple of years ago we considered to be mentally challenged.


I’ve had a couple of the woke trans mob send me notes claiming that I’m all over the board with this one. And it occurs to me that people outside that classification may have difficulty determining the common point. Is people who are mentally challenged. Regardless of what the outcome for outer manifestations if you will of that challenge might be. Supposed transsexuals, those with some kind of left-leaning manifesto posted on social media someplace, whatever those manifestations are. That’s the common point among these Mass shooters that were suddenly dealing with.

We aren’t addressing those issues, and half the time we’re not even identifying them as such anymore because it runs afoul of the constant chant from the left of eliminating guns from the hands of law abiding citizens.

I got another note, that simply sent me to a site which made the claim that there wasn’t a meteoric rise in the number of transsexual Mass shooters. Well that’s simply not the case if for no other reason then there wasn’t a group that even labeled itself as such until a couple of years ago. In short there is never been any quantitative data to either back or disprove the point. Or, as my science teacher used to say, it can’t be falsified.

The point being, the big government types among Us are doing precisely what they’ve been wanting to do all along that is the removal of firearms from individuals thus removing limitations on government action however corrupt. You will not ever see the issues of health for example being brought up from their end of the conversation because if you solve the problem that way they don’t get the removal of guns as of civilians that they’ve always wanted.

The discussions about these mass shootings is being distorted by an agenda, an agenda which is not nearly what it is claimed to be.

Eric Florack on May 8th, 2023

The idea that we’re being preached at by Hillary Clinton about ethics?

Pure comedy.

In other news the sun came up this morning. Oh and Al sharpton is still running his mouth.

The Rev. Al Sharpton, in a fiery Saturday address, demanded criminal charges against all involved in the choke-hold death of Jordan Neely aboard a Manhattan subway train. “If you do not prosecute … you will set a standard of vigilantism that we cannot tolerate,” said Sharpton in his weekly Harlem headquarters appearance. “The precedent alone is a threat to all of us. We cannot allow this lawlessness to go unchecked.”

Lawlessness going unchecked is precisely why vigilantism is on the rise. And guess who’s responsible for that? Who is it that’s been calling for defunding the police and basically hobbling them in the performance of their duty?

The fact of the matter is vigilanteism lower the amount of crime. If it’s a choice between citizen policing and no policing at all, guess which is going to get the job done?

And if you can’t stand a little vigilantism in the interests of saving property and saving lives, maybe you ought to look at the moron in the mirror, who championed hobbling the police, Al.

They don’t know.

I’ll say right up front to Joe Rogan has this one right. But I will take it a step further. (Yeah big shock, right?)

Go ahead and read this one first.

There is but one reason why the Democrats are refusing to hold primary debates. They know, as does everyone else on the planet, that their meat puppet would never survive such an event.

Leaving aside the idea that he embarrasses himself and everyone else around him every time he’s out public, we now have criminal investigations going which are bound to come up.

And let’s add to that that even the Democrat rank and file has essentially given up on getting Biden elected again. It’s down to the point now where even the dead people that voted for Biden want their votes back.

Which raises the question why the Democrat party (and frankly world elites) are so dedicated to the idea of keeping Joe Biden in office, when he clearly is unqualified for the position, and probably won’t survive to the end of this term.

The answer to that is rather simple as well. The brain dead are easier to control.

That not only makes Joe Biden perfect for what they have in mind, but they score a double whammy, given who’s vice president and who will therefore replace him before the end of his term.

Matt Margolis writes about a very predictable turn of events

Last week, it was reported that Fox News had compiled a secret “oppo file” on Tucker Carlson, to be used as an insurance policy against him in the event he sues the network. As per a Rolling Stone article, eight Fox News insiders acknowledged the file’s existence. The network denied the existence of the secret file, of course, but this week, the left-wing media “watchdog” site Media Matters started leaking videos of Carlson in an apparent attempt to smear him.

Upon the release of the above video, there was a collective yawn on social media as people wondered if this was really the best that Media Matters got. Was it supposed to be scandalous or make Tucker Carlson unemployable? Gertz quickly found out that the public didn’t see it as a big deal; social media users pointed out that the ex-Fox host was correct and mocked Gertz for thinking that Tucker criticizing a poorly-functioning website was somehow a scandal.

You can probably pretty easily predict where this is going but go ahead and read Matt’s article anyway. It’s definitely worth a smile.

Almost always every time Media Matters comes out with one of these things all they do is expose their own cluelessness… To put it mildly.

Eric Florack on May 3rd, 2023
Eric Florack on May 1st, 2023
I need to rant for just a moment. I’m getting old and I’ve worked hard all my life. I have made my reputation, the good and the bad, I didn’t inherit my job or my income, and I have worked hard to get where I am in life. I have juggled my job, my family, and made many sacrifices up front to secure a life for my family. It wasn’t always easy and still isn’t, but I did it all while maintaining my integrity and my principles. I made mistakes and tried to learn from them. I have friends of every walk of life and if you’re in my circle, it should be understood that I don’t have to remind you of what I’d be willing to do for you. However….

I’m tired of being told that I have to “spread the wealth” to people who don’t have my work ethic. People who have sacrificed nothing and feel entitled to receive everything.
I’m tired of being told the government will take the money I earned, by force if necessary, and give it to people too lazy to earn it themselves.

I’m really tired of being told I must lower my living standard to fight global warming, which, no one is allowed to debate.

I’m really tired of hearing wealthy athletes, entertainers and politicians of all parties talk like their opinions matter to the common man. I’m tired of any of them even pretending they can relate to the life and bank account that I have.

I’m tired of people with a sense of entitlement, rich or poor.
I’m upset that I’m labeled as a racist because I am proud of my heritage. I never stole any ones land, the government did that..

I’m tired of being told I need to accept the latest fad or politically correct stupidity or befriending a group that’s intent on killing me because I won’t convert to their point of view.

I’m really tired of people who don’t take responsibility for their lives and actions. Especially the ones that want me to fund it. I’m tired of hearing them blame the government, or discrimination, or big-whatever for their problems.

Yes, I’m really tired. But, I’m also glad to be in the twilight of my life. Because mostly, I’m not going to have to see the retched, depressing world these young useless idiots are creating. And lastly, because even though I shouted from the rooftops, no one listened or seemed to give a damn. You reap what you sow, and so do your children.
No one is entitled to anything. You have a choice to work, a choice to stay off drugs, a choice to make something of yourself. I have nothing to do with your choice.

That’s all on you. You are entitled to what you earn.

There is no way these thoughts will be widely publicized, unless each of us sends it on! Surely, the politically correct police censors will try to quiet us.
“Copy and pasted”. I did

We have GOT to stop remarking about the government schools and how much worse they’re getting. They’re taking it as a challenge.

According to Seattle educators, math instruction in the United States is an example of “Western Math,” which apparently is the appropriation of mathematical knowledge by Western cultures. While everyone agrees that two plus two is four, three times three is nine, and that there are three hundred and sixty degrees in a circle, Western Math critics worry about more nuanced issues, such as why we teach kids Western counting and not, for example, how the Aborigines count.

Apparently, ancient cultures also used different terminology to refer to addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. They may have focused on geometric shapes different from triangles and circles. They may have called the degrees in a circle something other than degrees. And now it seems that math education—in all of its abstraction—should become culturally and socially focused away from those Westerners who coopted it.  

Seattle’s new proposed math curriculum will take US public school math instruction where no one has gone before.

Students will be taught how “Western Math” is used as a tool of power and oppression, and that it disenfranchises people and communities of color. They will be taught that “Western Math” limits economic opportunities for people of color. They will be taught that mathematics knowledge has been withheld from people of color.

I observe that before you build a new house, you need to tear the old one down. Clearly, that’s the object here. The question becomes, however, why on earth would anyone send their children to such a school?

Eric Florack on May 1st, 2023
Fmr CIA chief Mike Morell testifies under oath that Biden campaign and Tony Blinken asked him to orchestrate letter from 50 intel officials falsely claiming Hunter Biden emails were ‘Russian disinformation’

Liars. They knew the communications revealed Joe Biden’s foreign financial corruption and vulnerability to China and Ukraine.

Election interference by leftist intelligence community officials colluding with a political campaign.

Does this give you confidence that government is properly counting votes without the ability to audit them once they’re separated from their envelopes?

Recent Rasmussen poll shows 60% of the country thinks recent elections were affected by cheating. I suspect the actual number is higher it’s just that a lot of people won’t admit that they know that’s what’s been going on.

Eric Florack on April 30th, 2023
Yeah, Trump is saying that he might not even bother with the GOP Presidential debates. I’ll get to that separately.

But now I see the Democrats are talking about canceling the Democrat presidential debates for the primaries altogether.

Let’s look at the big picture for the Democrats.

I’ve been saying it for a long time now, the last 6 years should be an extinction level event for the Democrats. Unfortunately Justice in this kind of thing takes so long to dig up and the American political memory is so short as to make all of it moot in the end, at least in terms of consequences for the guilty.

A number of people that I speak with in the Republican party and outside of it as well, all seem to have the same question on their minds these days… “how does one overcome in the short term that level of sheer stupidity”

Personally, I’m afraid that after 6 years or so of the narrative being built, there won’t be an “aha moment”, where the whole thing just falls apart.

There won\’t be any tearing down of that narrative in the short term.

Put another way, there won’t be a pitchfork and torch moment in our immediate future, particularly given the preemptive strike that the Democrats arranged on January 6th which the evidence is increasingly showing as a false flag operation.

One can understand why they are contemplating this, when one looks at any of the public appearances that Uncle Creepy has made over the past 3 years. It also makes sense when you understand that almost literally he didn’t campaign at all referring instead to stay in his basement, rather like a woke 20 -something.

It does seem clear to me that the reason for all of this is the desire of the Democrats to not have the top of their ticket humiliate himself, would he certainly would do in any possible public appearance.

With something on the order of 35% of Democrats saying they don’t want Uncle Creepy to run for a second term, this move to eliminate presidential debates on the Democrat side is not going over well with the Democrat rank and file. One can’t help but Wonder what effect that is going to have with how they vote in the general election.

One of the things that is certain to come up in any primary debate is the fact that Joe Biden is now the oldest person ever to throw his head in the presidential race as it were. Among other things, that means that Kamala Harris is in reality running for the office of POTUS. Any reminder of that fact is going to go over large with Independents and a large number of Democrats, Harris being one of the few people on the planet who was a larger embarrassment than Joe Biden.

Any lack in debate performance and itwould become clear to Republicans Independence and a large number of Democrats that putting Joe Biden in the White House again especially with the prospect of Kamala Harris taking over the reins when Joe finally kicks, is tatamount to National suicide.

Granted, there are a number of Democrats who would like to see that suicide happen, but my read is that the number is small enough so as to make a Trump landslide inevitable, and that Landslide would be of a size and scope so as to me Reagan’s to landslides look like small potatoes.

On the GOP side of this coin things are a little bit different.

No matter how you slice it there is nobody else that’s even close in the polls to Donald trump. Even in a theoretical matchup between Governor DeSantis and Donald Trump, Trump wins that one going away something on the order of 75%. So at least in terms of appearances, Trump has got this one right when he labels any primary debates amongst Republicans as a waste of time.

Yes, it’s true, Donald Trump has never been the best of public speakers. But unlike Mr Biden he at least has the ability to string together a coherence sentence occasionally. And in any event, it’s also true that is public speaking has never affected his popularity.

On the whole, this is a unique situation… It’s the first time in recent memory that the two people that will end up running for POTUS in the general election are running on their individual work records. Not just on what they say they’re going to do, but their records of accomplishments the last time they were in that office. By that measure, Uncle Creepy is going to have a difficult time of it convincing even many Democrats that he should be given the office again.

Given those respective work records, there’s going to be a lot of Democrats and most Independents, who will find themselves hard-pressed to pull the lever for Biden. There is no motivation there, and I doubt there will be by the time the next election goes around.

Oh certainly, a lot can happen in the roughly year and a half between now and the next election. But the past that, idea, the election seems to be already laid out rather clearly.

Eric Florack on April 30th, 2023
The federal DOE, on an annual basis, spends more money than Elon Musk did in his purchase of Twitter.

Yet, the performance of the nation’s schools has gone down each and every year since the peanut farmer ignored the Constitution and created that monster.

Little Johnny couldn’t balance a checkbook if it’s life depended on it, can’t read at grade level, but on the bright side, he knows all about global warming and how evil white people are. He knows all about how he’s going to turn into a toxic male and how government needs to be running his life for him.

It’s time to get government out of the education business. The place to start that trend is to close the doors on the so-called department of education.


Eric Florack on April 29th, 2023