I wish I could say I had a postive experience at the Erie KOA.
I can’t.

I can’t lay blame at any one aspect of the place, so I don’t know as it’d be fair to say this trip could have been a better one given different management.

I rolled in in Saturday afternoon; the place was pretty well full… and ‘jammed full’ would be the phrase. I swear, I have never seen campsites so close to each other in any other campsite
I’ve ever been to, and when the place gets full… hoo boy.

The office staff was rather nice, the camp store in good shape, and fairly well stocked.

I got to my site… 22… and the first thing I noticed was the large dog turd when I unwittingly stepped into as I stepped from the truck. (Oh, Joy. Rapture.) It was shortly thereafter that I
noticed I was positioned directly across the narrow road from the dumping station. (I decieded at that point there was something of a theme developing, here)

I set up camp, without incident. I noted that the power hookups were set up for both regular 20amp service and 30amp Shore Power service. Nice touch, that.

After getting things situated, we started to check out the camp at large. A goodly mix of camper types, perhaps a few more hi-low types than I’ve seen. A few big rigs, that tended to make the
sites look even smaller.

The place has a pond that looked interesting, (Paddle boats, catch- and- release fishing) but nothng I’d want to swim in… there’s a fairly good pool for that. The Rec center looks OK…
has a Jukebox that plays 45’s. Heck, I didn’t know anyone was even MAKING 45’s anymore.

Rest rooms were fairly clean… since this was one night only and a short hop to the house, I didn’t get the chance to check out the showers.

They also were doing some kind of a theme weekend, when we showed up. The movie for the night was the original “20,000 leauges under the sea”…. which as it turned out was the secondary theme for the visit. To say it rained would be like saying that Sir Alec
Guiness did a little acting.

My first action the following morning was to push perhaps 5 gallons of water out of my awning, and make note of all the new leaks I found. The site drainage left something to be desired… and from looking around I found I was not alone…. in particular the poor schmuck a few sites over who was tent-camping was having LOTS of fun, and appeard to be learning a new language, to boot.

Having seen the good effort other KOA’s go through to maintain their sites after every visitor checks out, (clean, level, dry) and therefore, maintaining their reputation, one wonders
what their policy is here.

As to the site size issue…. Perhaps it’s just me, but does anyone else dislike having to say ‘excuse me’ to the folks in the next site when putting their awning up? (Ok, I’m strecthing it a bit… but not much.)

Guess I’ll check out other operations next in Erie… there are several… a few within shooting distance.