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As most of you know, I have a newswire here, which is updated for me, live, 24/7. It is where I get a goodly dose of news myself. You can, too, at http://home.rochester.rr.com/bitheads/newsroom.html

Since it updates fairly frequently, this story is likely not in there any longer. Here’s the link to it, but I’ll save you the trouble.

Mr. Turner, speaking before a group of students at the school he was tossed out of several years ago, Brown University, was there giving a lecture on international affairs. I’ll bite my tongue on that one for the moment. Turner said, in part:

“The reason that the World Trade Center got hit is because there are a lot of people living in abject poverty out there who don’t have any hope for a better life,”

It’s a tremendously “feel good” kind of nothing that many liberals, and many people in the EU I’ve spoken with, have been tossing out of late. The basic idea is we here in America are taking all the wealth and all the resources. So, the poor of the world attack us, as a result. We’re supposed to feel guilty for being Americans, and guilty for being successful, because the old zero sum game suggests that because we’re successful, no other countries can be so.

Well, let’s examine this idea. If you want to speak of abject poverty, shall we discuss the depression, here in America? 30-50% of people out of work? Hmmm. I don’t seem to recall many innocents being targeted for wholesale slaughter in that period.

It should be noted that Mr. Turner is a multi-millionaire. It should also be noted that the person who paid for the attacks on 9/11, is (or was) a multi-millionaire. Clearly, another factor is at work, and Mr. Turner’s argument is tossed on its face.

OK, I’ll grant you, Ted Turner is a nutcase….a point even Hanoi Jane figured out. But he’s hardly unique in the ranks of the elitist left. Consider Al Gore, in an AP story:

“In his first policy address since the 2000 election, Gore renewed his support for the Bush administration’s “highly successful opening counterattack” to the attacks. But he said it is crucial that the administration show “a more evident respect” for the coalition of allies it has built or that alliance could quickly crumble. Gore said the administration sometimes sends the message: “With others, if we must; by ourselves, if possible.”

As if there’s something wrong with that, huh? The story goes on:

“Gore said U.S. policy should also be aimed long-range at “draining the aquifer of anger that underlies terrorism.” “The evil we now confront is not just the one-time creation of a charismatic leader and his co-conspirators, or even a handful of regimes,” Gore said. “What we deal with now is today’s manifestation of an anger welling up from deep layers of grievance shared by many millions of people.”

Of course, Mr. Gore is saying, it’s our fault that these people are angry. Of course they’re angry at us for being Americans, being successful. Fortunate for us, The “Blame America First” message was disastrous to the 80s Democrats and is no more effective today, than it was back then, else Gore would be president.

Let’s face it, folks; the cause for the attack on 9/11 is the existence of evil, and the Clinton administration’s allowance for it, in terms of decimating our intelligence gathering and national security as well as bargaining with a known terrorist.

The lack of focus we see today on the part of the Democrats, seems on the surface to be a blessing to America; their true natures tend to come out when they are less well orchestrated. This anti-Americanism is the heart of Liberalism, and their true natures are showing… just in time… on the leading edge of the election season. The republicans would do well to remind the America people where the hearts of the
left really are, as this election season progresses.

As an aside: we still don’t have an explanation for the 6 million dollar heist at London’s Heathrow a few days ago. I’ve seen some speculation that suggests the people who pulled that off were Bin Laden’s people, trying to secure other means of financing, since their assets have been frozen around the world. Interesting but
unsubstantiated as yet. (In public, at least)

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