Well, it’s past the 100 day mark, and what do you know?

President George W. Bush is doing far better than anyone in the so-called mainstream media predicted, or indeed, is ready to admit to the people now.

The president has garnered approval ratings in the low 60’s in two seperate mainstream media polling projects. One from ABC, and the other from CBS… the latter of which, as usual, when finding polling numbers that don’t reflect their Marxist idealism, buried the report.

Matter of fact, Bush’s poll numbers are better than BIll Clinton’s were, eight years ago. Of course mainstream press and their leftist freinds, when you can get them to admit the polling numbers at all, will tell you it can’t be because people like the way he does things, and like his polcies. No, they’re still working on the tired, and often disproven notion that the only reason people like him is because
he’s got a wonderful ‘Gee, whiz’ smile about him, and that he can actually speak without falling over his own tounge once in a while. 

And how do they justify these kind of misreads? Simple enough; they load their polling questions, as I have pointed out before many times in this medium.

Here’s an example question from the ABC poll: “Do you think Bush cares more about protecting the interests of ordinary working people or cares more about protecting the interests of large business corporations?”

Here, my freinds, is a typical socialist trick; putting ‘real people’ on one side, and those cold, nasty, faceless figures from business in separate, warring camps, instead of understanding that these are people as well.

Another example of how they won’t tell you the whole story: We’ve been seeing in the Usenet and on some opinion pages around the world from leftists, about how Dick Cheney is really the one running things. 

Um… Guys? You may be interested to know that the polling data are in on that as well… and CBS and ABC didn’t report it to you… certainly not at the levels they trumpted Clinton’s numbers. But I will.

Question from the ABC polling: Does President Bush have the “experience and ability to meet the challenges of the presidency?”

63% answered YES.

Question from the ABC polling: “Does Dubya rely too much on his advisors or not enough?”

Only 20% say too much, and 62% say again he’s doing things the right way.

Another example: When they asked if Dubya was too liberal, too conservative, or just about right ideologically, 31 percent answered “too conservative”, but the overwhelming response…. some 62 percent… said “about right”.

Gee, that a bit of a shocker, huh?  Moderates and conservatives like his policies; the far leftists don’t.  Big loss. (Shrug)

The numbers are in, guys… the public are saying “We like President Bush, we don’t like the nonsense coming from the Democrat leadership, and we’re not listening to you anymore, either. 

OK, the polling ABC and CBS did didn’t say that. The viewer ratings have, however. And the numbers are backing this up bigtime, as well. ABC, NBC and particularly CBS, are all losing viewers. Indeed, CNN is passing out pink slips already; they’ve all been losing Market share to Fox News, rather dramatically.

Personally, I’m rather enjoying watching these idiots on the left, squirm.

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