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Back on the 13th of September , a mere day and a half following the attack on America, I pinned the fault for this happening, squarely on the shoulders of one Bill Clinton, for having done the Chamberlain dance with Yassir Arafat. I’ve been suspecting for a long while, and made my feelings public that day, that the problem was Clinton either being collusional enough, or perhaps being more kind… flat out stupid enough, to be dealing with Arafat as if he was the genuine article.

I caught hell from the usual suspects, but that only served to confirm I was onto something. Indeed, I went further in my next several articles, saying in the most recent, that we’d have to take Arafat out. As of today, it looks like I have proof that I pinned it. Within three days, This unspeakable slimeball has tried playing one end then the other. Just today, Arafat put the Hamas leader suit back on and
appealed for martyrs in the war against Israel.

In an address in Ramallah, Arafat said Palestinians should regard a Palestinian youngster killed in crossfire between PA and Israeli forces killed in the Gaza Strip as an example for the Palestinian people. And some of the reports I’ve seen say the kid was so busy chucking peaceful stones, he never noticed the Palestinians opening up behind him. In all likelihood, in his act of hate, he got caught between his elders act of hate, and their intended target… the victims in all of this…Israel. Arafat, trying desperately to score points with his Hamas Masters, said all Palestinians are martyrs. Now, doesn’t that sound cozy? Oh, so peaceful.

Just so we know this was no fluke, no slip of the tongue… that he really meant to say this, he went farther:, saying he is willing to sacrifice 70 Palestinians to ensure the death of one Israeli. And just so we know we heard it correctly, the speech was rebroadcast several times on PA radio today. “We will defend the holy land with our blood and with our spirit,” he wailed. “We do not only wear uniforms; we are all military. We are all martyrs in paradise.” According to at least one account I’ve seen, the crowd seeing the speech live began to chant that millions of Palestinians are prepared to march as martyrs to Jerusalem.

So peaceful huh? If we take his word, that means that all bets are off, and that any Palestinian is a legit target. That’s really what you want? So be it, Yassir.

And all of this, as I say, less than two days after calling for an end of Palestinian attacks against Israel. Of course, Palestinian insurgency groups have rejected Arafat’s appeal, and apparently dropped a few well-worded threats, and presto-chango, he’s a warrior again. Well, news flash, guys… he’s always been a warrior. He’s been using this ‘peacemaker’ act as he would any other weapon… against his enemy. That much has now been made so startlingly clear, even those of
the left can no longer deny it. The PA cannot be trusted, and never should have been trusted. It’s been clear to me for some years, now, but as I said some months ago…

The supposedly peace loving liberals among us must feel blind sided as regards the middle east these days, as they are a great many things. Because of Bill Clinton’s bumbling in the Middle East, we’re now closer to war than we have been in years.
Ah, yes… Middle East peace. Never have so many westerners given so much for so little. So great is the need to believe that sacrifice and bloodshed will not be necessary; and that peace and prosperity are the universal goals of mankind, that they were willing to accept the help of a known liar toward their goal of, as Neville Chamberlain put it; “Never to go to war with one another again”.

We now see where this leads us.  There is no longer any argument that the bumbling of Mr. Clinton has led us to this pass. It is now to George W. Bush to clean up the mess Clinton made, while Clinton’s fellow Democrats fight him almost as tenaciously as El Quieda. One wonders, if after all proof, the Democrats continue to fight Bush’s efforts, because they and El Quieda share the same goals…. The destruction of America.

The vast majority approves of Mr. Bush’s actions and continues to thrash the Democrats in the job approval polling. Yet the partisans keep trying to play roadblock in our efforts against the Terrorists and our recovery efforts as well, all while blaming Mr. Bush for Mr. Clinton’s doings.

The sad part is, Clinton won’t pay for this crime, nor will his supporters and apologists both then and now. The really sad part is, WE will be paying for his trying to diffuse his legacy, for decades to come.

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