1-13-02 11:21Hrs–Rochester, NY—

Charges of racial profiling are all the rage, these days. It seems
there was a Secret Service agent who was recently kept off an American
Airlines flight from Baltimore/Washington to Dallas, Texas by the
captain who noting the man was carrying a firearm, and hadn’t filled
out the proper paperwork, as mandated by the government even before
9/11, had the nerve to suggest he wasn’t satisfied with the man’s
credentials. So, now the agent and his attorney, John Relman, are
saying that the agent was the victim of racial and ethnic profiling.

Several questions pop up here, mostly relating to common sense. Among

Isn’t the Secret Service subject to aviation law?

Are minorities immune to aviation law?

Isn’t the Captain of the flight the one in charge?

Let’s look at this from his perspective, shall we? Let’s assume, just
for the sake of discussion that this guy IS in fact a terrorist since,
after all, the captain couldn’t be sure, based on the information he
had. Here is, by all accounts, a belligerent SOB with a gun, and one
who submitted a rather smudged carbon copy of his paperwork instead of
the required original, at that. Sounds like a real winner, this guy,

It gets better.

According to the reports I’m seeing, he failed in two subsequent
attempts to fill out the required paperwork correctly. He was trying
to board a flight headed in the general direction Of President Bush,
on a day when security forces are on a maximum alert for terrorist
activity. To top this off, the guy’s of Middle Eastern descent.

Now, we’re supposed to expect the captain to presume this idiot was
who he said he was?

Now, let’s say this guy IS a terrorist, and breaks out this weapon
mid-flight and tries to create a 9/11 scenario. Think the families of
the people on that plane aren’t going to have a few questions as to
why procedure wasn’t followed? How about the media and the public?

These charges should be thown out without comment and the Secret
Service chap should spend several years behind bars. If we are taking
our security seriously, Mr Bush, I suggest you start with this idiot.
Interesting, how we’ve not heard anything further on this one.

Consider a similar incident in injecting race where it simply doesn’t
belong; Check the thumbnail picture below:

You’ve all seen this picture before, so I won’t waste bandwidth on the
high-res version. The FDNY decided to commission a statue of this
picture to place in their city HQ. Trouble was, they altered the race
of the people in the pic. Can someone explain to me what would have
motivated the ‘artist’ to do that?

The commonality of course is that in both cases, someone waved a
magical wand called RACE and thought that would make it all better.
Were whites to try this…. How long do you suppose it’d be before we
saw Jesse Jackson front and center?

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