Frankly, my general attitude toward watching the Olympics on TV is one
of disinterest, to say the least. I find the network coverage lacking
in several areas. Usually, in the network’s defense, it should be said
that they’re dealing with time factors they cannot control, but this
adds nothing to the viewed output. As a professional announcer, I
generally find the commentary obnoxious in the extreme.

I tried this time, I really did. However, Kostis and Couric not being
able to shut up at the appropriate times during the opening ceremony
forced me to turn the channel. I personally don’t give a damn HOW
perky she is, or how much either is getting paid. In fact, as much as
they’re getting paid, one expects more smarts than they displayed.

I do tend to keep a loose eye on the events there via my usual news
sources, however, as I do everything else. So it was, that I was
mildly amused to see the most recent controversy in the skating world.

For all of the protests that the Olympics are not supposed to be about
politics, this event was completely driven by anti-western politics.
If proof of a long-standing effort to lessen the impact of the west on
the part of Europeans was ever needed, it was never easier to obtain
than in the judging of the skaters at the Salt Lake games. This from
the group that told us the display of the flag rescued from the rubble
of the world trade center at the opening ceremony would be too
political, and thus forbade our people from doing so, at least for a

And this Olympics seems to have also given the proof we need about an
anti-American press, here in America. Coric and Kostis both have
publicly, on air, fretted about public displays of American
Patriotism, even as muted and apologetic and self-demeaning as they’ve
been. And the left here in this country has batted NBC about, along
with those who foster anti-American sentiment beyond our
shores…Ironic, since the NBC air talent appears to agree with their

Worried editorials have been issued, in which NBC has been roundly
chided for its “over-emphasis” on American athletes, American medals,
and American flags, and a conservative, tough talking American
President. It appears news reporters are supposed to ignore the facts.

It wasn’t bad enough Bush teed off the Europeans with his “axis of
evil” speech, — now NBC was making it worse by reporting patriotism,
a pro-American stance including flag-waving. It’s all so contrary to
the spirit of the games…and bad for international understanding.
Apparently there was enough American at the games that NBC’s
technicians were unable to edit them out, in real time, not having the
8 hours of delay to prime time, as they did at Nogano.)

All of this adds up to a not very pretty picture…at all points, an
anti-American one… even among some ostensibly American Citizens. Most
notably, The American left…. Errr… American Press. (A duplication of
terms, I grant you).

It does seem rather odd, all this flap over such a muted display of
our patriotism. Alas, that it’s not strange to see such bias from our
own press however, who has long been acting in an anti-American
manner. Nor is it much a shock to see anti-American bias pop up in the
judging of events. Both, you see, have been going on for decades. It’s
just they’ve never been so clearly caught at it; they’ve never been so
brazen before.

Oh, and lest we seem to be singled out, here, let’s not forget the
IOC’s refusal to allow Afghanistan it’s chance to be seen as a new
part of the world by allowing the country’s new flag to be flown at
the games. The IOC apparently likes the Afghan people under the rule
of the Taliban. A newly freed Afghan people displaying their new flag
and their new status as a free people is apparently seen by the IOC as
‘too political’

I have only one question: Why are any free nations still involved with
the IOC? Why do we insist on subjecting ourselves to this one-world
feel-goodism, at the expense of our freedom?

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