3-26-02 08:58 Hrs–Rochester, NY—

In watching the Oscars the other night I was struck again by the racism in our country.

What are you talking about, Bithead? Wasn’t that a breakthrough night for Black America, given that Potier and Halle Berry won historic awards? Possibly, but if so, there are serious questions.

Consider the spin employed, here; The Hollywood left who controls these proceedings, worked themselves into a frenzy trying to convince us that Denzel Washington, Halle Berry and Sydney Poitier won their awards not as the very unique, remarkable, and admirable American talents that they certainly are, but tokens representing a particular group.

Take for example, the idea that there were so few whites who were given the chance to speak in the intro film for Poitier’s award. Did his fine work only affect black people?

Let’s also point out, gently, that Halle Berry is an example of racial integration on two legs, being half white,(her mother’s side) and for that matter, so is Poitier, whose wife is also white, as were all of the directors and producers and financial backers of their projects who took a chance on them personally and professionally. These are not examples of blacks, but of individuals, which, last I heard, is how it’s supposed to work here in America. That these points weren’t
considered seems to have a political stench to it. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, it appears. Because who are the people asked to speak, and their political bent….

Laura Bush.

Jerry ‘Govenor Moonbeam’ Brown, Oakland Democratic mayor and dedicated far-leftist.

Fellow leftist wacko Willie Brown, San Francisco’s Democratic mayor.

Lani Guinier, the far left law professor whom even Bill Clinton thought too radical to be a part of HIS administration… too heavy on the quotas…

And Al Sharpton, who intends to be a Democratic candidate for president next turn.

(A four to one far left wacko to normal person ratio? No leftist tilt in Hollywood, huh? This must be ‘balanced and fair’ to their minds…)

Yet, as to the substance of the awards and the people giving them, let us examine this… The claim is made that this was a special night because the barriers are falling’, as Gannet’s local rag, the Chronic Democrat, put it. Clearly, the perception they are trying to convey here is that there were bariers to overcome , even up till this year.

Seemingly, Hollywood is trying to convince us it was more than their talents that gave them the awards. The subliminal message is clear; it was not their individual talents, and because they were black and available on the night Hollywood needed to feel good politically about itself, by giving these poor disadvantaged multi-millionaire black actors and actresses, a pat on the head for being good little liberal blacks and not upsetting massa’s cotton wagon.

Do not misunderstand my ire. I do not question that those who got awards deserved them, for the fine performances and achievements. They most assuredly deserved them. I applaud their efforts, and have personally enjoyed them over the years.

Yet, how is it that far leftist Hollywood, who has been trumpeting racial equality while pushing for quotas ala Lani Guinier, for decades, is just now getting around to handing out such awards? The left prizes such things as racial equity highly, we are told. Since they’ve obviously controlled Hollywood for generations, doesn’t it
make sense we’d see such awards to black performers previously, and without all the attempts at tokenism, if in fact the left, itself, wasn’t the barrier to black advancement toward equality?

Put another way; Has the left just revealed to us it’s own racism?

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