There are two levels of hate being sent from the left, these days at Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair. They are both fairly easy to identify, and understand. These two levels and a mixture of them, are being send by two groups: The leftist followers, and the leftist leaders.

The first grouping, is by far the less sinister, but still problematic: The followers. There is an unspoken truth, that those who bring uncomfortable truths into our lives are often regarded with some degree of hate, by those unwilling to face those realities. So it is with Mister Blair, and with Mr. Bush, in these days of post-war Iraq.

They have reminded us that the price of peace, is having to defeat evil, by whatever means, including the force of arms, occasionally. The idea of the ability to live under peace, and all the benefits thereof, for extended periods is a recent luxury in the history of the world, a luxury which was brought on, not by simply being “peaceful” but by such as were willing to *fight* to defeat evil, thus bringing
about such extended peace.

There are some who are uncomfortable with that great truth and who have deluded themselves into the misbegotten idea that all one needs to have peace is to be ‘peaceful’… forgetting that we’re only half of the equation.. and that all a war needs is one antagonist. From these peace loving, supposedly open minded people, we see a lot of unreasoning vitriol… downright hate… being directed at those doing the correcting.

There is much in the leftist agenda, that is childlike… meaning both the good and the bad implications of this label…. Alas, that the good sides of that childlike aspect get lost in the reality! In this instance as in most others, the deluded leftists respond like any child who has been corrected sternly by reality… with an unreasoning “IdonWANNA…”. And, to extend the metaphor, the child will come up
with ANY argument possible just to hold up his end against the adult’s logic, particularly if the child doesn’t understand the parent’s logic in the least. Indeed, they tend not to understand even their own limited logic, (and therefore offer lame arguments for it, and then only when pressed) but rather tend to follow blindly whomever is speaking the loudest from their camp, who end up usually being from the second grouping.

This second grouping, and by far, the more sinister of the kinds of hate flowing toward Mr’s Bush and Blair, are the people who are about supporting the evil which we just fought. I’ve pointed out repeatedly, that what we’re up against is simply another branch of socialism. I consider it no shock, therefore, that there would be leftists here at home who would not want to see the downfall of the leader of the
socialist Baath party and his minions.

Now that such a corrupt leadership is gone, and the socialists here in the west are feeling rather naked, they tend to respond like any cornered animal would… napping and snarling, this is the most hate filled and vitriolic leftist. This feeling of embarrassment is further amplified as Castro executes some more dissidents, and as the hell that the socialists have made of North Korea comes to light…(and as
Mr Bush calls that errant dog to heel) …and as all the other disasters predicted by the left fail to materialize. The reaction of these hard-line socialists to this is understandable, but none the less is ironic; since this most hateful type most often constitutes what passes as the collective leadership of the “peace” movement.
(Note: “Collective” here, is not an idle choice of words).

It is this second group that the first grouping follows, often quite blindly. Sad, because there is much to be said for the child-like innocence that the first group offers… Innocence that the second group exploits for their own purposes. Consider that “Socialist World Workers Party, World Wide A.N.S.W.E.R., and so on, the groups that are behind so many of the anti-war protests of today, are being funded directly by places like North Korea, and you begin to see the depth of that exploitation.

The radio and TV talk shows, (at least the ones that still cater to leftists) and Usenet are both and each a microcosm of both of these kinds such hatreds; filled with such levels of leftist vitriol that it’s hard not be imagine a rabid dog in it’s death throes, snapping at anything and everything it can, even imagined targets, and hoping that few will be infected by him before he’s put out of our collective misery, so that the world’s occupants can continue to evolve.

But underneath all the vitriol being directed at Mr Bush and his supporters…which means 75% of Americans… one senses the uneasiness of both of our groups. There is a division in the left today, as the second grouping begins to come to grips with how it has been manipulated for decades by the first…. since the Vietnam era, and

Consider a few examples of the more obvious splits:

*Degenova at Columbia and many others like him, forsaking the “Anti-War” moniker in favor of calling for open warfare, and the defeat of America. Turns out they’re pro-war after all. It’s, just that they’re on the other side, and seemingly always have been.

*NOW expressing outrage that Lacy Peterson’s Killer should be charged with a double murder because the second involves an unborn boy named “Conner”. After decades of supposedly fighting to protect women, this seems to fly in the face of their stated purpose, to guard their real purpose… promotion of abortion. Even within their own ranks, they’re split on handling that one…. the far leftists in NOW leadership are
clearly getting a message from the rank and file.

* Robbins, Sarandon, Mike Farrel, the Ditsy Chumps, to name but a few leftists collectively scream (falsely) about how their ‘free speech rights’ were violated, and that the right is out of line for questioning the patriotism and morality of such people. Well hold on, here. Aren’t these the same leftists who just went after Rick Santorum, and Trent Lott before him, for using THEIR free speech rights, in the process questioning their patriotism and their morality? And this double standard is nothing new…  For a number of years, now, the left’s attacks on the right have been categorical and personal. Conservatives have been labeled as reactionary, and liberals have been labeled as progressive. In this, the left has managed to covey the notion that conservatives, by the nature of their POV are moral inferiors. Ummmm this isn’t attacking our patriotism and morality? And isn’t this the same left who a short time ago was even questioning the very concepts of morality, and of patriotism?

The true purposes of the leftist leadership is being revealed in each of these cases…and the followers, if they are not recoiling in horror, are quietly questioning if *this* was what they really wanted. And given the polling numbers showing wild support for both our action in Iraq and for the President, and his policies, it would seem that a goodly chunk of them are being less than fully quiet in their questioning, and in their conclusions.

It’s to the point now, where America is united as it has not been since Reagan… indeed since FDR, truth be told. The vast majority of Americans, for the first time in over a decade, are quite sure that their country and the leadership thereof is doing the right thing as regards it’s own role in the world. As the successes of this path of action and thereby the support for it, continue to pile up, and the
evidence against the socialist mantra continues to accumulate, the left, is now finding itself increasingly irrelevant. That, in turn, drives those remaining in the camp of the left, to even more vitriol, more over-the-top attacks, more grandstand ploys, and more desperate (and easier to defeat) arguments. In short.. deeper into hate. And that hate, as hate always does, tends to feed on itself.

Both Mr Bush and Mr Blair have some tough times ahead as a result of all of this, I think. Their task: Keeping the left isolated and irrelevant; To keep the terminally hateful left from infecting the rest of us. Hate, after all, has a way of spreading as the history of every socialist country in history attests… Nazi Germany, Stalin’s Soviet Union, Castro’s Cuba, Saddam’s Iraq. But both the President and the Prime Minister have shown themselves to be a rarity in these times…. true leaders, and up to the tasks before them.

To prove that point… and to defeat yet another liberal argument that we’ve forgotten the war on terrorism….one needs only look at reports just out today, that as a result of their actions, terrorism, as measured by the number of terrorist attacks, is down by 44% which puts it at it’s lowest since we started measuring such attacks back in 1969.

And that’s as hopeful a sign as the western world has had in many years!

But it will doubtless cause even more hate from the left. Ya know, after a while, you have to ask, just what it is the left wants? Are these results not desireable to them?

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