It must really be a pain to be a liberal these days… Every single issue the left has tried to spring on the rest of us, is exposed as flat out lies, or at least, a tretching of what little substance they manage to find. Consider a just few examples from the last few weeks:

Originaly, the left started hollering about the looting going on in Iraq, and remained gleefully ignorant of the reports that suggested such looting was limited to government offices and places associated with Saddam’s regime. Apparently unable to gather any sympathy for their aguments about looters in Baghdad, (particularly after seeing little wrong about looters in LA) they have latched onto what they think is an easir argument. The left started screaming that our
forces, under the supposed misdirection of George W Bush, had failed to protect the Iraqi museums. Supposedly, tens of thousands of items were looted.

Only one problem with the story: It’s a flat-out lie spread by Democrats desperate to put a chink in the armor of President George W. Bush.

Col. Matthew F. Bogdanos, a Marine reservist who is investigating the looting and is stationed at the museum, reports that museum officials had given him a list of 29 artifacts that were definitely missing. But even of those, four of them – ivory objects from the eighth century BC – had been traced. “Twenty-five pieces is not the
same as 170,000,” said Colonel Bogdanos, who in civilian life is an assistant Manhattan district attorney. The most vauable artifact was a Bowl, says a Chicago Tribune article. The rest of what was suppsoedly looted, was found, right where it was suposed to be. And in case you’ve not heard, our forces also happened to have found a Iraqi gunner’s nest…. inside the museum.

Well, heck, they were only off by 169,975 objects out of a set of 170,000… Between this glaring screwup, and the little reminder last week by some of the right, that we couldn’t even get the left to admit there was soemthing wrong with looting, during the LA riots…that it was merely a sign of the frustration the looters had with their government… and weren’t the Iraqis entiutled to be frustrated with the socialists that had been running things in Iraq… Well… I’ll wililng to bet that we don’t hear much more about looting from the American left, for a while.

Do Democrats really think this nonsense is going to get them back into power?

* Running for President

Then there’s the laughter surrounding the leaders in the Democrat race for the office of President. Did you see the ‘great debate’ the other night? Well, most people didn’t, and they didn’t miss much, if facts were what you were after. It WAS good comedy, though. It was on at around 2am here in Rochester, and I’m unaware of anyone doing it live, but I did manage to grab it on tape. I have to say…it was a
real hoot.

For one thing, I hope I was not alone when I noticed an interesting point: While all of the candidates were quite loud in their attacks on President Bush with regards to the economy, the only solution they managed to offer was to eliminate the tax cuts, which are the ONLY thing now that will actually HELP the economy. Nobody offered any solution OTHER than increased taxes. Nobody made any mention of what THEIR economic plan would be, past that one point. No, not one. What inspirations these Democrats are!

Oh, I suppose it should be mentioned also, that they mentioned their manic devition to socialist healthcare, though of course they’d never call it that. All of the plans offered as regards healthcare are expensive to well past the point of insanity and impossible to judge based on the fantasy numbers provided. But they do offer the Democrats the one thing they crave most: Government Control. It’s the reason they can’t leave healthcare alone… they want more control over our
lives, and dependant on them.

Do Democrats really think this nonsense is going to get them back into power?

* Judical nominees.

We have seen two appointments now where the democrats have been very loud about the appointment being fillibustered. This is unusual in itself, but even more so because this is the first time such a fillibuster has taken place, for appeals court justice appointees, of all things. Both of the candidates being stalled would pass by a majority vote if allowed. And such a vote is all that the Constitution requires. However, the DNC is desperate to oppose the president, the
Congressional majority AADN the will of the people, to say nothing of the Constitution itself, for their own political gain.

The good news for America and bad news for the socialist Democrats, is that the Republcians have found a way around this blockage.The parliamentary committee will rule that such blocks do not fall within the scope of fillibuster allowances. There will, of course, be loud Socialist Democrat objection to such a ruling. However, that ruling can stand by a simple majority vote, which the supporters of Estrada and Owens have. Which would start the appointment process again.

Which means the nominees get their jobs, because there are enogh votes to do so.

The Democrats of course seening that the Republican action would be legal, constitutional and ethical, and would end their obstruction, is now saying that such a ruling would cause them to start blocking every legislative action in congress.

Yes, indeed, The Democrats, are showing themselves to be what they have always been… the party of obstruction. I ask again…

Do Democrats really think this nonsense is going to get them back into power?


Democrats, seeing that all the dire predictions they made about the war in Iraq and seeing the election cycle coming, find themselves in a pickle. The ones not running for office are in mourning, and amusingly so. The ones who are running for office, are also running for the cover of what they think are the American people’s short memories. It’s usually called a flip-flop. It’s also called hypocrisy.

It’s something of a bad joke that the strongest showing was from Joe Lieberman, last year’s loser in the VP race. At the moment, he’s the front runner. Nobody else comes close.

Another flip-flop is yet another candidate for the Democrat nomination, Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean. He’s been a busy little boy making lots of whose loud opposition to the Iraq action made lots of points with the wacko left… saying among other things that Iraq was “the wrong war at the wrong time” and publicly doubting whether the Iraqi people were better off with Saddam gone. Dean has, with the onset of reality, changed his tune. During the ‘big debate” … just one week after being attacked by campaign officials for Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts, his chief rival, who called him as unfit to be commander in chief, Mr. Dean dropped his fierce antiwar rhetoric and said he was “delighted to see Saddam Hussein gone.”

Kerry himself, of course is no exception. Kerry, you may recall, voted for the congressional war resolution but continually made leftist political hay by criticizing Mr. Bush for not gathering more international support. Once realiy set it, Kerry shifted his position. Otherwise known as a flip-flop. Kerry needed a toughened image on national security. So, he had his chief spokesman, Chris Lehane,
attack Mr. Dean for suggesting that the United States would not always be the strongest military power in the world. And of course Kerry is having his middle name canged to “Served in Vietnam.”

Then there’s Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle of South Dakota, who had in the past denounced Mr. Bush for failing “miserably” to find a diplomatic solution to avoid a war with Iraq, gives the president “great credit” for his leadership in winning the war. Well, turns out all the dire predictions didn’t come true, and lookie, lookie… Daschle, who faces re-election next year in a state where Mr. Bush is popular, calls the war necessary and justified…. basicly abandoning
his antiwar rhetoric. Says Daschle:

“I don’t think there’s any more justification required than what we’ve
already seen in terms of the purpose of the military operations.
Regime change was a legitimate goal, was accomplished, and I think
that’s laudable in and of its own right.”

Says RNC strategist Ed Gillespie”

“The dilemma they have is that there is an energetic and large
element in the Democratic Party that remains against the war. But the
vast majority of voters, including many Democrats, support and
appreciate the skill with which it was executed and the firmness of
the president in deciding what to do. Bush had the foresight to do
what is necessary in the war with Iraq, and now you have those who
want to challenge him belatedly and begrudgingly follow him to that
same conclusion,”

Jim Dyke, who is a spokesperson for the RNC agrees:

“Some of these guys are beginning to contradict their contradictions.
At some point, it becomes extremely difficult to discern exactly what
they stand for,” said Jim Dyke, chief spokesman for the Republican
National Committee.

* Bush is a President whom the military respects.

We’re seeing a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth on the left over President Bush’s trip out to the carrier Lincoln. It interests me that so many are having such problems with the concept of the president personally thanking his troups for a job well done. Robert “KKK” Byrd is the loudest, and we’ll deal with that, but he’s not alone in his idiocy. All the excuses to attack the President came out at once.

They tried, for example to tell us that the ship was turning circles waiting for the President, and that the Sailors were delayed in getting home by this action of the President. Of course, the truth came out… the ship was ahead of scedule and COULDN’T dock until the scheduled time because of union workers at the dock, and other arrangements. They tried cost factors as a complaint. So then someone
reminded them that that the jet and the chopper others would have taken, use the same fuel, and have fairly well the same costs per mile.

All the complaints of the Democrats on this did, was to show how irrelevant, petty, and opportunistic the Democrats really are.

The capper, though, was when they started making noise about using the Military for political purposes, at which point someone came up with this picture of Bubba on the TeddyR, on March the 12th, 1993. just before sending them to Bosnia. There have been other pictures and trips during the Clinton administration, too… the usually timid Tim Russert came up with one this morning, from about a year after this photo was taken. The resuilting contrast between the silence from the left, and the laughter of the rest of us on this double standard, is palpable. And isn’t it odd, how CNN,, CBS and ABC and most of the print media have said nothing about this?

And I wonder why we heard no complaints from Grand Wizard Byrd about the several Military photo-ops Bubba put together… to say nothing of the remainder of the list of idiots complaining about President Bush. For that matter, where are the usual suspects on Ueenet as regards this double standard?

How much did puting a 77 year old Democrat into pace as a payoff cost America? And of course, let’s remember the trip into space by John Glenn, which was clearly a payoff for defending Bubba from his crimes. I don’t recall any questions about what THAT cost, do you?

How many of these things need to be pointed up before liberals understand that we’ve caught on to all the doubletalk and just plain BS they’ve been feeding us? Do Democrats really think continuing this nonsense is going to get them back into power?

The real bottom line though is that the Democrats are ticked off for one reason, and one reason only; THey’re out of power, and aree desperate to get back INTO power. They’re ticked because they see clearly that the American people liked the idea of Bush’s landing there, and personally thanking the troops. In short, what Bush did, *worked*, and they’re trying to find some way to negate the fact that
it DID work…. and didn’t work for Bubba…. as it didn’t work for Mike Dukakas. The reason is simple; nobody accpted that the interest and trust of Bubbam dbnd Dikakas, in things military was genuine… everyone thought… no… everyone, including the far left rank and file… KNEW they were liars on the subject.

Not so with Mr. Bush. His trust of the military and they of him, is easily seen, and hard to argue with, and harder to campaign against. Anyone who saw both the Visit by Presidents Bush and Bubba, can see that there is a warmth and comradery between the Military and President Bush that simply wasn’t there with bubba…. which, given his history, who can blame them? And the poeple trust the opinion of
the Military, given that they’re the ones charged with defending us. They know what will best accomplish that. Their relative opinions of each is well known… which of course is why the Democrats tried to negate the votes of those in the Military in the 2000 election.

So, thus does the Democrat’s worst nightmare come true. Not only have the American seen the Democrats exposed as the liars, cheats and outright frauds that they are, they’ve reached a point where the majority won’t put up with it any longer. As the next election will clearly demonstrate.

And lest you think I’m stretching the matter; consider that internal memos floating around inside the DNC within the last month are suggsting the Democrats are planning on losing at least 4 seats in the Senate, and another 3 in the House. Which also suggests they know they haven’t a prayer for the White House.

And all of this without even touching the issue of Democrats playing the race card… which is interesting in itself. Barring major events, we’ll discuss that next time.

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