As a follow-on to the race ruling at the USSC, (above) I wonder a bit at the reaction from Dick Gephardt, who says, among other things, in front of Jesse Jackson’s motley crew, where the ruling was the main discussion, today: “When I’m president, we’ll do executive orders to overcome any wrong thing the Supreme Court does tomorrow or any other day.”

I have to wonder if he really understands the limits of the US Constitution.
We have several possibilities, here, none of which are very attractive;

* Gephardt is a liar
* Gephardt is pandering
* Gephardt is promising something he knows damned good and well he cannot deliver, legally.
* Gephardt has no respect for the constitution, and is willing to over-ride it to get to his political goals
* All of the above.

Given the wails from the left about the constitution vis’a vie GWB, I wonder why we’re not getting more of a reaction from them on this point. Well, let’s be honest; I know why. So do you. It’s called “THEY really don’t care about the Constitution, either”.

A further note: Dennis Kucinich decided he doesn’t respct the Constitution either, and did a “me, too!” act, making similar statements to the Jackson mob.

So, we now have a trend on the part of the Democrats running for the WH. Are we to take from this…. that this view of the Constitution as something to be vaulted over at need, is part and parcel of being a Democrat? If so, what does that do for the wailing and gnashing of teeth being done by Demorcats as regards Mr Bush, and his supposed excesses in the area of constitutional rights?

The implications of Gephardt and/or Kucinich being behind the big desk are too terrible to contemplate, if this is their real position.
I’m afraid it IS their position.
Worse yet, is the idea that so many support them in this flouting of constitutional law.