Hillary Clinton was in town over the weekend. The reaction from the majority of the locals was, well, frankly, less the generous. Hopefully, the DPW crews are equipped to deal with the large numbers of people thowing up at roadside as she passed.  Of course there were a number of people here who welcomed her with open arms, and kneepads at the ready.

In watching the glowing press reports of her being here, one gets the sense that the press, even locally, still hasn’t gotten over the idea that most people lothe her being on the same planet.  They can’t understand why we might have some problems with her.

As Camile Paglia pointed out a few years back:

I strongly feel that Hillary has always benefited from a weird residual sexism. Special treatment is still protectively accorded middle-aged heterosexual women by supposedly egalitarian journalists whose brains go soft when Hillary, who’s as butch as they come, turns on her pink estrogen light. It’s the manipulative tyranny of the mother image. “

We saw more of that this weekend…. on steriods, yet. She apparently refuses to be more than wife and mother when she’s out promoting herself.  As anyone who has dealt with her office here in NY will tell you, this results in your being ignored, unless she needs you for something for her own political future… like now, as she tries to fan the presidential flames.Suddenly poeple and groups she’s long ignored, are ‘vital, and intergal to our future”… well, for five hot minutes, anyway.

The sad part is, this scandal laden socialist, this limo liberal, is the best the Democrats have to offer up. The really sad part is, we here in NY, and by connection the rest of the country, are stuck with this power hungry witch at least until the next election.