I’m sure that headline will get a rise out our brothers in Western Canada…

Well, that was the discussion on the Randy Taylor program on 1010/CFRB in Toronto. Apparently, there’s an awful lot of people in Ontario who are most upset about the way the SARS crisis was handled, and are considering rebel votes against the Liberals, there. Specificly, at least two complained about Minister of Health Ann McClellan, refusing to follow the WHO’s guidelines as regards SARS because of cost concerns.

This is socialist heathcare at it’s finest? This is the example Hillary Clinton would have us use?

And it appears that those in the west who have been contemplating removing themselves from the national confederation out west, have an unexpected group of freinds back here in the east…. likely, the last group of people they expected, out there.

Perhaps if they just got together and voted out the leftists….