It amazes me that so many liberals are so big on what they claim to be forged evdience as regards Iraq.

It’s not forged, of course as even their own leaders will admit when the mike isn’t on, but that’s not the point I’m making here.

On Oct. 27, 1941, FDR, locked in mortal combat with an America First Committee that was resisting his drive to war, played his trump. On Navy Day, at the Mayflower Hotel, FDR declared,

“I have in my possession a secret map, made in Germany by Hitler’s Government – by planners of the New World Order. … It is a map of South America … as Hitler proposes to reorganize it. … This map makes clear the Nazi design, not only against South America but against the United States as well.”

Roosevelt was not done. I also have, he informed his audience, a Nazi document detailing plans “to abolish all existing religions, liquidate all clergy and create an ‘International Nazi Church.’

“In the place of the Bible, the words of ‘Mein Kampf’ will be imposed and enforced in a Holy Writ. And in the place of the cross of Christ will be put two symbols – the swastika and the naked sword. … The God of Blood and Iron will take the place of the God of Love and Mercy.”

So says Patrick Buchanan in his WorldNet Daily column

Personally, I can’t wait to hear about this one from the left.