Ann Coulter’s new book is certainly casuing a stir, isn’t it? A good 15-20% of the traffic on the Usenet political NewsGroups are with regards to her and her book. Of course many of them get into making fun of her appearence and… no kidding…. one idiot actually thinks she’s had a sex change operation 10 years ago, formerly being a HE, supposedly.  (Of course when her bio was produced, the charges and their writer slinked away into the night.)

Face it guys, the woman’s got it going on in both brains and looks… and she’s not about to take any crap for her views. Thing is, her views are conservative. Which is where these comments come from. Can you imagine the average liberal talking that way about Hillary?  (And let’s face it, Hillary is if nothing else, a case of losing out in the looks department…)

It interests me that those who are attacking Ann from the left, are now calling her the Maureen Dowd of the right… when we couldn’t get them to say squat about Dowd’s exesses previously. These are the same poeple that defend Michial Moore. 

The biggest problem for such people though is that Ann’s validity is far and away above those two, as is her credibility.

When in her book, TREASON, she came up with the charges that Democats in general were treasonous, many on the right stood up and applauded, myself among them. (I swear, I’m going to repost NO, NOT ONE again, as a BIT, cross referencing her conclusions with my own.., she said everything I’d previously said, and more.) And as you might have expected, this resulted in many leftists complaining about her attitude.

Of course they complain about her ‘snippy’ attitude.

What really pisses these people off so badly though, isn’t just her ‘tude.. but that she’s unarguably right. Consider; if this were attitude alone without being verifiably correct, she’d be easy enough to dispatch. But she IS right, and that sends the usual suspects into spastics, totally unable to come up with a cogent rebuttal, past “Yeah? well, you used to be a GUY..” and other such nonsense.

I’ve ordered her book. If it’s as good as the columns she’s been doing for years it should be a real hoot.