David Limbaugh shows us more wisdom than most with his first words in his most recent column:

How ironic that when a movie producer takes artistic license with historical events, he is lionized as artistic, creative and brilliant, but when another takes special care to be true to the real-life story, he is vilified.

Saywhat you will as regards Mel Gobson’s PASSION as a concept, as a project and so on.  But let’s be honest enough to say that at least part of the vilification is directed at being true to Christianity.

Limbaugh himself apparently sees this clearly enough to write:

The moral is that if you want the popular culture to laud your work on Christ, make sure it either depicts Him as a homosexual or as an everyday sinner with no particular redeeming value (literally). In our anti-Christian culture, the blasphemous “The Last Temptation of Christ” is celebrated, and “The Passion” is condemned.

And ins’t that also true about so much of our lives today? Another slightly more famous Limbaugh says on another topic:

“The latest liberal hissy fit is over three words: ‘Bring ’em on.’ The president uses three words to rally the troops, and that’s a problem. But the libs can say anything they want to demoralize the troops; that’s their patriotic duty.”

There is so much in the way of examples of this double standard so as to be laughable to try and insert more of them into this blog. I’m sure each of you reading could come up with a dozen or so right off the top of your heads.

Who, I ask, are we allowing ourselves to be driven by, societally speaking?  Some push-back has already started, but it’s not really found a full voice, yet. Isn’t it time we reacted?

Think about this today, and leave me some feedback.