If we are to take the appearence of the Twits at a senate Hearing the other day, seriously, we must assume that the Chicks think they have a constitutional right to have their records played on the radio; that they have a right to demand that private corporations play their songs and then pay the Twits for doing so.

What the Twits and for that matter most leftists fail to understand is that the stations that refused to play their recordings were responding to the PUBLIC.

So, are we now going to have the Senate Commerce Comittee dictating programming policy, starting with what music shall and shall not be played? Do you really not suppose Talk Radio is next?

We’ll speak more about this, this weekend.
We’ll also speak of the Intimidation tactics used by John McCain on Lew Dickey of Cumulus media..  a guy I used to work for, and have some respect for.
Frankly, I’m a bit annoyed Lew didn’t respond with some more backbone, but one can understand why.