Noted some increased propaganda activity last night on the various TV networks, as regards file sharing. Hollywood is screaming about income losses. The media conglomerates seem unwilling to enter the moralistic argument, and so they try the practical approach. Thing is, it doesn’t ring true. Essentially, posing their argument this way: “How can all those poor millionaires eat and pay their bills when you don’t pay for their work?”

First of all, does anyone recall that there was a huge outcry from the Holywood types over the concept of magnetic tape? Then louder over Cassette Audio and Video tape? THen louder yet over double well decks, which are now the standard there? 

Face it, gang….This stuff has been around for about 30 years now, some of it; and they still manage to find a way to pay their bills, despite the dire “lost revenue” predictions from orgs such as the RIAA at the time.  On it’s face, then, the argument presented is bogus.

They’ve made their own bed here on several levels.

One of them has to do with why they have problems making a moral argument. It’s the most likely reason they went ‘practical’ on us, here.

Perhaps they figure their own morality will be called into question. They see the increased resistance to the intensely and increasingly immoral content they’ve been pushing, and realize that a moralistic argument doesn’t quite mesh with the people they’ve been trying to sell this sludge to. They have been glorifying immorality for decades, now.  Is there anyone of sound mind who does not understand that they’re now reaping what they planted?