In case you’ve not heard from our usual news suspects, there’s a revolution going on in Liberia.  Our president, George W. Bush has been asking Charles Taylor, the President there to step down. Thus far, the request has been refused.

A bit of a twist, here, though. The revolutionaries trying to overthrow the government there are mostly, Muslim.  So much for the charges that our actions against SoDamn Insane constitute the start of a war on Islam.

But what is really interesting to me is who in the rest of the world wants what. France and Russia and of UN… You remember them, the ones who didn’t want us involved against Saddam… are asking us to get involved with our military. one presumes, to dethrone Charles Taylor, thus helping the Islamic militants trying to overthrow the Liberian government, succeed.

So much for the claims that France, Russian and the UN are not trying to aid the Islamic crazies against the West.

And they expect us to HELP them in this?