Since his film on the American Revolution, “The Patriot” which I think should be a requirement for any 8th grade American History course, I’ve been impressed in the extreme with Mel Gibson.  Clearly, he understands in a way many wished he did not, what the founders of our country went through to start our country… and endevored to impart that level of understanding to a people woefully uneducated in such matters. The usual leftist suspects complained loud and long.

I am further impressed with his recent efforts on his newest effort; “The Passion”, which was shown in DC last night to a selected few.

Of course I’ve not seen it yet. I’m sure it’s a fine film, but that’s not the point I’m making here. 

Consider the arguments already over this film, despite the fact that few have seen it yet.  Gibson is, in reality, catching flack simply because he opted to make a film that accurately depicts the events surrounding the life and death of Christ. Clearly, he understands in a way many wished he did not, what the Christian faith is about, as revealed by some of the events surrounding that Christ… and endevored to impart that level of understanding to a people woefully uneducated in such matters. As before, the usual leftist suspects are complaiing loud and long.

One could easily develop an argument that both films are acts of faith and honor for their subjects… Christ, and these United States… Or, put another way, God and Country. Certainly these topics appear passe’ at least, if not something to be lothed, in the realm of the lockstep liberal.  It’s amazing and revealing to see how much this small example of faith in action, riles the anti-American and anti-Christian forces in this country, and the world. I am always amazed at how much hate such an act of faith can generate! And isn’t it also interesting that the membership lists in both the anti-American and Anti-Christian groups contain so many of the same people?

One of the stated higher goals set by those in Gibson’s profession of acting, is to raise the level of humanity, by telling the stories of the highpoints of our history, with accuracy and care, and holding them in reverence. Sounds like a rather Shakespearian goal, doesn’t it? It was a truism even going back to Shakespeare’s time, that actors who pursue that goal are often held in some contempt by those would would like to re-write history. Often, such people tended to be patrons… IE; those paying the bills of the actors.  Certainly, liberals have been wanting to re-write history for some time now, and find themselves increasingly thwarted.  And who is it that more than any other group, demands governmental support and therefore, control of the arts?

So, one supposes, Gibson would have expected such a reaction from those to his left. Interestingly, many of those the left are in Hollywood; the place where Gibson makes his bread and butter is simply crawling with them.  Some would argue that in doing this, Gibson places himself at some profesonal and personal risk, but I doubt it, for several reasons. Among those reasons, I would point out that Gibson has already made his fine reputation years gone by and has made his millions. So perhaps his actions here, while impressive, are not as courageous as some would find them; he doesn’t have a whole mess to lose, here.

It is, however, something of a statement on our times that an acurate portrayal on either subject would expose Gibson to such a response from the left… alternately vitriolic, and uncaring.  I suspect many will be interested in who has what to say on this film, because the anti-American, Anti-Christian crowd will be exposing themselves as such by their ambivelence, or, by their hatred.

Which I suspect, is exactly as Mel intended.. particularly those in his industry. I suspect, that following Patriot, he saw how the Hollywood left ducks the truth whenever possible, and is seeking to rub their noses in it.  If so, I’ve got to give him credit; It’s a brilliant move.

The fallout from this one will be interesting and revealing to watch.