To say they’re royally miffed doesn’t cut it. Why? Because so many Democrat candidates for President didn’t bother to show to their little shakedown session down in Miami. I had an idea this would be happening when I suggested some time ago that Sharpton would be the spoiler in this election. The DNC is taking blacks for granted again. And the DNC won’t figure it out until about 2007.

Oh, it’s true… Sharpton is a huckster and a sham, and the DNC has correctly identified him as such, and will not support him. At the same time, they don’t want to confront him for fear of being called anti-black.  Yet, they don’t want to be seen with him either. So the answer for most Democats is to avoid that type of venue altogether.  But Sharpton, frustrated by the lack of support, will claim racism in the DNC (One of the first times the man has told the truth in his life) and will use this as an excuse to go of on his own. Watch for Sharpton to break away from the Democrat party within the next six to nine months to run his own independant campign.

So it is that the Democrats will be a victim of their own ‘maybe it’ll go away’ politics of the Clinton years.

Linda Chavez has a nice column on this this morning.