Like everyone else, I’ve been pondering what to do about older drivers, after yesterday’s scene in Santa Monica.

The victims are of course in my thoughts and prayers. However, I do find myself also feeling sorry for the driver, 86 year old Russell Weller. Granted that he was at the wheel. But one could easily surmize we’re dealing with a minor stroke or something; I’d not be overly shocked if that wasn’t the report in another week or so, assuming he survives so long. (The emotional distress on the man is likely intense, and I wonder if he’s physically strong enough to bear up under it)

The knee jerk reaction on this kind of accident is to pull an FAA.. who has a manditory age restriction for some types of pilots.
I was interested to see Neal Boortz call for manditory testing for older drivers, since he’s a pilot.  I was also interested to see him comment:

Some arbitrary age is going to have to be set.  Make it 70 or 75.  From that point on require testing every two years until age 80.  Then you get tested every single year.

Interesting that he recently complained as regards the age limit on pilots being arbitrary. This seems an about face. I’m less than convinced that such testing will eliminate, or even limit such accidents; By all accounts, this was a sudden problem which would thereby not be picked up by such testing. 

And how does one grant driver’s licenses based on the chances for a heart attack, or a stroke, the likes of which seems the cause here?