New York City Council Chambers was the scene of gun battle between two rival Democrats.

The gunman, Othniel Askew, 31 is now dead from Police bullets, along with his intended victim, James Davis. According to a story running on the AP this morning:

“In 1991, Davis founded “Love Yourself Stop the Violence,” a not-for-profit organization dedicated to stopping violence in urban America. He was elected in 2001, and was a minister.”

So, apparently Davis was less than sucessful in his effort to ‘stop the violence’. 

Here’s the Davis Website.

Interesting, that Davis, the anti-gun campaigner was carrying a gun, as it turns out. Of course his family members think ‘the man’ did this, not a fellow Democrat.  Said his brother, Geoffrey Davis, “The system killed my brother,”

Does he really think this was an orginized effort? Or is it rather that this friction against ‘the man’, ‘the system’, etc, is simply a knee-jerk reaction, anymore?Since they were both Black, both Liberal Democrats, both male, both about the same age, one wonders who, in reality will get the blame here? Should it be noted that being an elected official, he WAS the system, he WAS the man?

Oh, one more note:

I sat and watched most of the coverage of this event, flipping channels. 

Just about everything Fox reported turned out to be true;

Just about everything that MSNBC puked up including the report that there was a gun battle between Askew and Davis was dead wrong;

And CNN was slow in getting anything to air, apparently having insufficient people to do their own news gathering.

One point I didn’t see the news pick up on was security concerns, from this angle: Why were fellow councilpeopel not being screened? Does nobody on their security teams remember Harvey Milk?