Diana West has come up with an excellent article which asks some questions which are bound to be uncomfortable for Howard Dean… If he ever makes it to the final round, these questions ought to send him packing easily enough.

Questions like:

…how come Gov. Dean, who is campaigning on his state record, sealed his own archive? “Well, there are future political considerations,” the former governor told Vermont Public Radio. “We didn’t want anything embarrassing appearing in the papers at a critical time in any future endeavor.”

and like…..

Dean’s loudest claim to gubernatorial fame is to have provided “free” health care to some large swath of Vermont’s 600,000 citizens while simultaneously balancing the state budget. Is this for real? As of 1998, Vermont had the third highest percentage of Medicaid recipients in the Union (while next-door New Hampshire ranked 50). This indicates that Vermont’s state-provided health care comes, in large part, courtesy Washington, D.C. How can Dean take credit for state-provided health care when, in fact, the lion’s share is funded by federal taxpayers in other states? And how does such a scheme work on the national level?

I’m saving these up, in case you’re curious. This is the best they’ve got?