Well, the RIAA is making lots of freinds in the ATLA, but not many in the real world, with all these lawsuits over song swapping.

Legal and ethical implications aside, for a moment, what will be of interest to me is what happens to the income figures of the RIAA in the next year or so.

Consider; they’ve been saying for years that their bottom line is being impacted in a negative fashion by such swapping. They have given some very specific numbers, too, in an attempt to describe this impact, saying it’s cost them (x-million per month).

So, what do you suppose will happen when the sales figures don’t improve by (x-million per month), following all these legal actions? 

After all…The claims by RIAA about the number of files being moved may or may not be accurate. But even assuming such swapping could be eliminated altogehter, can they make the case that would equate to an equal number of sales?

Personally, I doubt it.