CNN has started moving a story this morning that should put to rest the number of charges about how Bush ‘Lied” to us.. But it won’t. Facts seldom matter of the far left.

“The British Government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa.”

That’s what Mr. Bush said in the State of the Union speech.
The left’s been trying to push that this was a lie.

Not so fast…. The statement WAS in fact true, and remains so.

Ponder this quote from Mr Blair to the House during question period last week: (I watch it every week)

“In the 1980’s Iraq purchased somewhere in the region of 200 or more tons of uranium from Niger.  The evidence that we had that the Iraqi government had gone back to try to purchase further amounts of uranium from Niger did not come from so-called ‘forged’ documents, they came from separate intelligence.”

So, Bush’s statement begining with “The British government has learned ….” is correct.

Now, of course the bigger question is why the US leftist press (A redundancy) hasn’t told us about all this.
They clearly will tilt any story to make the Preident look bad in advance of the next election. This is no exception.