The federal government doesn’t have to pay the legal bills of the Clintons, or so reports The Assorted Patsies.

The money line:

“We harbor no doubt that in the absence of the independent counsel statute the allegations surrounding the Clintons, Madison Guaranty, and Whitewater would have been similarly investigated and prosecuted by the Department of Justice,” the three-judge panel wrote.

Only one problem, guys; you’re forgetting they had a ‘team player’ running Justice at the time. UNder a normal administration, with a shred of honor, you’re quite right, there would have been an investigation. Problem was, Clinton HAS no honor, else this wouldn’t have had to go to court, nor with there have been pressure for an independant investigation.

So, does that mean that the money that many gave the Clintons for the purpose of paying hteir legal bills will now be used for such? Or is it gone, already?