Big headline, huh?

Check the opening lines of the story.
SIOUX CITY, Iowa – Veteran black activist Al Sharpton contended Wednesday that the news media are dismissive of his presidential campaign because newsrooms are overwhelmingly white. “I think when you look at the lack of diversity in the newsrooms, when you look at the lack of diversity from the editors and those in power, then you see them as automatically dismissive of anything that is not like them, which is white males,” said Sharpton.

Hey, Al? Perhaps it’s not that you’re black, but that even blacks are embarrased to be around a documented fraud such as yourself.

Of course we expected this from this RaceWar Lord, anyway, but it’s a measure of how desperate he is for power, and the retention of it. He knew going in he wasn’t going to get any support even from most blacks… but now he can blame it not on himself but on racism… and, I guess tell himself he’s saved some face.

Bloody amazing.