I’m hearing that major record labels are now doing contracts that include a clause into covering “inappropriate” comments or incidents by artists. This clause would make the artists financially responsible for downward CD sales spikes that might stem from “negative” remarks or acts by the artists.

So, apparently, the protests against the Ditsy Twits I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, had a bigger effect than some want to admit.

And a quick look at their latest tour, which grossed around $61 million, would seem to argue against the idea that fans were turning away.  Biut look closer. They presold their tour tickets — most opf hwich were sold well before Maines opened her bazzoooo and the sales policy had absolutely no provision for refunds. Poeple had no chance of voting with their feet. Of course, now, we’ll see the reaction in future. And of course it’ll all be a right wing conspiracy, huh?