In watching the dispatches out of California, several things emerge. The most prevelant in the last several days is that since Clinton has gotten involved out there, that Davis sounds like Clinton light.

Like Clinton a few years ago, Davis is screaming about those nasty right wingers, placing the blame on their shoulders.

But, as the Knights who say NI once said, there is one small problem…California has a Democrat majority in the state legislature, two Democrat U.S. Senators, and a Democratic soon to be ex-governor. It is inescapable, that California is and has been overwhelmingly run by the Democrat party, and the Democrat party, is in turn, run by the Unions. So, Davis pulls a Clinton, and tries to blame someone other than himself for his state’s problems.

The people are smarter than that. Every poll I’ve ever seen of Democrats in California says that they are the ones who want Davis removed from office.

Now, of course, they won’t tell you that part.  I, however, will.