Boortz blows it on many issues. This isn’t one of them. He picked up this line from a blogger calling himself “Ransom” and it bears repeating:

“I don’t disagree that many black Americans remain oppressed, but I would argue that their oppressors are activist leaders within their own community. Some of them perpetuate victimization by ridiculing young black students who do their homework and strive for excellence in school (i.e., acting white). For some, success is only exalted when it is earned in sports, music or within the DNC. However, if a black American succeeds in other areas–like becoming Secretary of State, Supreme Court Justice, National Security Advisor–(s)he is kicked out of the “black American” club having their membership revoked. To these extremists, “black” and “victim” are the same—so if you don’t act like a victim, then you can’t be black. Black leaders have done in 40 years what white people could not do in 400: to make black Americans accept inferior status”

(No, I don’t have the link to that Blog… note to Boortz… add the links when you refer to items on the web!)

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