The FBI is now confirming an arrest but is saying the details are sealed, at least until Friday afternoon, when the suspect is to be arraigned.

However, a report now running on AP’s wires is citing nameless Minnesota court official, as saying the suspect is one Jeffrey Lee Parson of Hopkins, Minn. According tot he report, Parson admitted to creating a variant of the Blaster worm, during a search of his home on Tuesday.

And the first outlet to break this story? Why of course… MSN.

Gee, what defense lawyer isn’t going to have fun with that one, eh? There’s a lot of other comments I could tack on about control of news agencies, but I’ll let it pass for the moment.

What interests me more is the report that this bozo only modified a currently existing version of the worm and re-released it.
Looks like he’ll end up taking the fall for the one who originated it, though.

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