OK, Arnold Schwartzenegger’s no Reagan, but he’s preferable to the idiot in the Govenor’s mansion now.

And lookie lookie at the left’s reaction.  The same Democrats who pronounced him good Presidential timber a short time back… (Despite the fact he can’t legally run for the office… since when little things like constitutional laws ever stopped Democrats?)… are now pronouncing him the son of a Nazi, and so on. (as if anyone from Germany of his age doesn’t have a Nazi past, right?)

The Democrats are in panic mode, having begun to understand htat they’re going to lose. So, they will get even more Visceral than the ‘Nazi’ charge, though that will doubtless loom large over the next few weeks in the Democrat ‘Talking Points” memos. What will be most interesting is what kind of sludge they throw at Bustamante.