After some serious consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that I should fall in behind President Bush’s election. As such, you will notice on the upper right of this blog, a link to the BushBlog.

This is not an idle choice, nor is it an obvious one.

Anyone who knows me well, or has read this blog for any length of time, knows I am a registered independent, and not a member of the Republican party. And, the president and I do have some serious disagreements, which I have chronicled here in the past.

Yet, in looking at the field of people running, I can find no person with the qualities needed to run the country who has a shot at winning, and thereby defeating the Democrats, none of which belongs inside the loop, much less inside the White House, that George W. Bush has.

Regardless of the disagreements I have with the man, President Bush has done what No Democrat in the last 30 years has done… he has shown himself worthy of the position of President, So, The Presdient has my vote, my endorsement, and space on my Web Page, and on my Blog.

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