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John and Ken Show, KFI Los Angeles | 10-6-03 | DFU

Posted on 10/06/2003 6:23 PM PDT by doug from upland

Well, well, well. John and Ken have blown the story apart about Rhonda Miller who accused Arnold of pulling up her shirt, taking a photo of her breasts, and placing the photo on the ceiling of a trailer on the set.

The hairdresser, Peter Tommil(sp?) says he actually took the photo, and she willingly let him put the camera under her shirt. It was a game they played on the set. I understand that another person agreed with the hairdresser that Arnold was not present when this happened.

And then another bombshell. John starting reading a litany of arrests and some convictions of one Rhonda Miller, the newest client of the despicable loud mouth Gloria Allred. She has several convictions for drugs, forgery, and prostitution. After a few minutes of reading the charges, John said that there were another three pages of them.

I have followed politics since my teens. This is the worst campaign of slime I have ever seen. It shows the utter desperation of the RATS as they are about to lose the governorship of California. Bob Mullholland, I hope you are on suicide watch, you disgusting pathetic piece of human debris.

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