Noted, during my usual travels today…
The lack of leftist condemnation for Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad’s comments about ‘Jews Ruling the world’ and a distinct lack of their praise for President George W Bush’s saying so to him.

Now why the lack of comments on this, I wonder, from the left? Could it be that they agree with Mahathir Mohamad?

If not, why not come out and SAY they disagree? Is agreement with the President so very hard for them, even when he’s unarguably right?

Or is it a combo of these factors?

And that’s just the American left. What of the French, and the rest of the EU?

And of course, let’s remember the Muslims, themselves… one of which says:

“As Muslims, we salute the brave stand our great president took against the intimidation of the jewish killers and their american slaves, we also salute the Greek Prime minister who stood with him in their stand against HYPOCRISY, it is ok to bash Islam and Muslims by the jews through their control of the world media but it is not ok for muslims to state the obvious…this is sickning hypocrisy which only BRAVE GREAT leaders such as ours can stand and defeat….LONG LIVE CHIRAC.”

Sounds like the DNC’s TALKING POINTS doesn’t it?

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